Cookie Monster Autoflower 5 Pack


Cookie Monster Automatic is a cross from two (2) phenotypes of a very popular marijuana strain which is the Girl Scout Cookies and a Canadian Ruderalis. This strain is identifiable because of its large amounts of trichomes that turn its buds into a red orangey color that is very delectable. This is an Indica dominant at around 60% and has a good amount of Sativa in it.Cookie Monster auto is packed with a candy-like sweet aroma that is also woody and earthy at the same time. This Strain can produce up to 23% THC content in its dense frosty buds oozing with resin, all with those beautiful hints of purple and orange hairs all over. Cookie Monster Auto was also a winner in the 2014 Cannabis Cup.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Cookie Monster Auto?

This Automatic strain is known for its candy-like sweetness with an earthy overtone and minty at the same time that not only makes it delicious but can really bring a pleasant smoking experience overall. The effects of Cookie Monster Auto Strain are so cerebral and energetic that this strain is highly recommended for social smokers. After which, the effect of this strain can develop into this focus filled, trippy and creative buzz perfect for projects alone or in groups like painting and crafts.

Cookie Monster Auto is perfect for daytime smoke as this will allow you to function and get through your day with ease. Plus, its fast-acting effects are perfect for pain management and even alleviating depression and loneliness.

How to Grow Cookie Monster Automatic Strain?

Cookie Monster Auto is highly recommended for beginner growers as this strain is fairly easy to grow. With its manageable height and fast flowering time, it is almost impossible not to finish her up and harvest those buds oozing with trichomes. Furthermore, this is perfect for those that are growing in secret as she is very resilient to sudden changes in the environment and can thrive well in tight spaces.

Suggested to be grown indoors this plant can produce up to 450 to 550 grams/M2, under optimal lighting and conditions this is a very huge harvest considering its height. Cookie Monster Auto also responds well with High-stress training methods and is also sought after by growers who use hydroponic systems.