Cafe Racer Autoflower 5 Pack


In order to come into existence, the Cafe Racer Autoflowering marijuana strain was created by crossbreeding two well-established strains, which are the GSC Platinum Cut and the Purple Bud added with Ruderalis genetics for its autoflowering characteristics. With a 70% Sativa and 30% Indica alongside a high THC content of around 25%, the weed delivers quite a potent high and strong effects. The herb also imparts extremely huge and frosty buds that exude rich and thick aromas and flavors. Its autoflowering traits and Sativa-leaning qualities make its cultivation a more enjoyable experience for its growers. Given all the amazing attributes and winning combination of the Cafe Racer Autoflowering marijuana strain, it comes as no surprise that it has become one of the best-selling and exciting autoflowering cannabis strains in the weed industry.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Cafe Racer Autoflower?

The Cafe Racer Autoflowering strain is known to inherit the iconic and delectable flavors and aromas of its famous parent strains, all of which are very pleasing to the organoleptic senses. Regarding its smell, it has strong spicy notes with diesel undertones added with a pungent skunkiness to it. Its aroma is very strong that it is enough to fill a whole growing room. As for its taste, users will get a delectable blend of sweet and tangy notes of berries and grapes alongside spicy hints and a distinct Skunk flavor. There are also acidic and chemical hits that can be tasted in every exhale.

With THC levels at around 25%, it is regarded as a psychoactive strain. It gives its users an intense head buzz that creates a euphoric high, promoting a sense of clarity and positivity. Moreover, it delivers happy and even ecstatic sensations that will help users get through the day. Physically, a state of relaxation and calmness will be waiting for its users after the head high. The weed just wraps the whole body in soothing tranquility which leads to a numbing feeling and eventually to a couch-lock situation.

How to Grow Cafe Racer Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds?

The Cafe Racer Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds may be moderately challenging to grow but with a little bit of knowledge and basic skills, even novice growers can do so. It has an entire flowering period of 10-11 weeks. It may seem to be a longer flowering stage for an autoflowering strain but this is because of the growth of its dense and thick buds. In order to increase its yields and improve its growth, regular and proper topping and pruning are highly recommended. The application of the Screen of Green (SCROG) method can also significantly enhance the efficiency of the plants and can also regulate their height. Moreover, since the buds can grow very big, it is highly suggested that growers use a supporting technique to prevent the plant’s branches from splitting. Growers can harvest yields of thick, aromatic buds that can reach up to 450g/M² indoors and 400-500G per plant outdoors around September to late October.