Black Demon OG 5 Pack


For any serious cannabis fan, Black Demon OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds are a need. The feminized seeds guarantee that all plants will be female, increasing your growth’s production and potency. These Indica-dominant seeds are perfect for indoor growers who need a speedy turnaround because they also have a brief flowering time. The Black Demon OG strain is named after its deep, dark hue and distinctive, earthy scent. It’s a favorite among seasoned smokers because they value its strong and enduring effects. Black Demon OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds are a fantastic option if you’re seeking for a premium cannabis strain with a high THC content and packed with strong powerful flavor.

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About Black Demon OG

Cannabis connoisseurs prize the strain Black Demon OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds highly. This strain is a hybrid of the famed strains Black Zombie and OG Kush, both of which are known for their power and flavor. This strain has a distinctive flavor and strong effects because of the fusion of these two strains. Black Demon OG is a potent strain with THC levels varying between 19 and 21%. Because of its high THC level, it might not be suited for new smokers.

Black Demon OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds stand out for their all-female makeup, which guarantees that your plants will produce buds rather than seeds. This increases your grow’s yield and potency, making it a fantastic option for home producers.

Flavor and Appearance of Black Demon OG

The flavor profile of Black Demon OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds is distinctive and distinctively memorable. Black Demon OG is a gorgeous strain in terms of looks. Typically, the buds are a rich, dark green color with vivid orange pistils and a dense layer of trichomes that give them a frosty, nearly white appearance. It lives up to its name because of the strain’s dark green coloring and dense trichome covering. The black coloring of this strain is one feature that distinguishes it from other strains. The buds have a distinctive and eye-catching dark color that makes them almost appear to be black.

A premium option for individuals seeking a strain with a complex flavor profile and striking appearance is Black Demon OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds. For any cannabis aficionado looking for a top-notch strain, this one is a must-try due to its distinctive blending of Black Domina and OG Kush genetics.

How to Grow Black Demon OG

Although it thrives in a warm, dry region with lots of sunshine, Black Demon OG is a hardy strain that can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. This strain is ideal for indoor growers who need a speedy turnaround because of its short flowering time of around 7-8 weeks.

This plant is a manageable size for most growers because they normally grow to a height of 31–47 inches when cultivated indoors. If you take the necessary precautions, you should be able to harvest 500–600 grams per square meter.

This plant will grow to a height of roughly 59-78 inches and produce up to 700-800 grams per plant if grown outdoors. Depending on where you live, this strain is usually ready for harvest in late September or early October.

When growing this strain, bear in mind that it needs a moderate to high level of nutrients to flourish. To increase output and potency, give your plants lots of nutrients both throughout the vegetative and blooming phases.

Overall, growers looking for a high-yielding strain that is simple to grow and yields powerful, tasty buds should choose Black Demon OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds. This strain is a must-try for every home grower because of its quick blooming time and excellent yield potential.