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The Yumbolt Feminized is a pure Indica strain that derived its name from Humboldt, California where it was first seen during the 70s. Its lineage is still unconfirmed but it is believed to have Afghani and Himalayan landraces. Hailed as the ‘Best Indica’ during theHigh Times Cannabis Cupin 2001, the Yumbolt proves that it has the best sedative properties amongst other Indica dominant strains.It is not only a well sought strain in the market but its feminized nature allows it to be cultivated with less resources used thus, the Yumbolt Feminized is in the list of plants that is suitable for beginners and inexperienced growers.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Yumbolt Feminized?

Due to its pure Indica properties, the Yumbolt is a highly sedative strain. It can knock the body to sleep however, before arriving to dream land, its uplifting effects allows its users to feel more active and overall in a happy state. This surge of energy does not last long because once  the Yumbolt goes through the final phase of its journey, the body feels relaxed and completely calm. It starts at the back of the head then slowly goes through your limbs resulting to drowsiness. It is advised that this strain be taken before going to bed.

Aside from its calming effects, the Yumbolt emits an earthy and musky aroma that resembles that of a rainforest or rain drizzles. Once inhaled, this strain produces a sweet, lemon flavor with a nutty and skunky aftertaste. These mixture of flavors complement each other resulting in a mouth watering adventure for the mouth.

What are the Medical Benefits of Yumbolt Feminized?

Its soothing effects may not only be used to de stress after a long day but may actually have some anxiolytic properties that help patients who are suffering from anxiety and depression giving them relief from the gloomy thoughts and emotions.

The Yumbolt also acts as a painkiller and offers anti-inflammatory characteristics that may alleviate those who have chronic pains. The calming effects in the muscles may help in reducing these pains.

Lastly, individuals with insomnia may take this as an alternative to synthetic medicine as it can put the body into a deep sleep with ease.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Yumbolt Feminized

The Yumbolt has a THC that can reach up to 24%. This means that individuals who are sensitive to THC must take this with caution and in moderation. By not doing so, one may be at risk of experiencing paranoia and heightened anxiety levels. This strain is not recommended for novice users due to it being a highly potent trait that may cause the body to feel paralyzed for a while.

How to Grow Yumbolt Feminized 

Novice growers will take delight in growing the Yumbolt Feminize due to its dense buds and glistening trichomes. This pure Indica plant also inherited the natural mold and pest resistant capabilities of the Afghani landrace. It can also thrive in extreme conditions and space would not be a problem because the Yumbolt only grows to about 3 to 5ft. However, it needs frequent trimming to increase the airflow and reduce humidity.

Growing in a controlled environment, it is recommended to use the Sea of Green (SoG) technique. This allows for more production of buds within a limited space and at thes same time can be harvested faster than normal. Best case scenario, this plant produces around 350 g/m2 and has a harvesting period of 56 to 70 days.

Deciding on growing this plant outdoors comes with considering a lot of factors that may affect the plant such as molds, pests, and the temperature. Taking this big risk results to greater gains as this plant may produce even more buds and have a yield of about 400 gr/plant and can be harvested  from early to middle of October.