White Widow Autoflower 5 pack

White Widow autoflowering provides the iconic characteristics of White Widow into the ease of autoflowering. The strain is a hybrid with 65 percent indica genetics and 35 percent sativa genetics, making it an indica dominated hybrid.

Widow White Autoflower isn’t very high compare to other strains that have been selectively bred to produce large amounts of THC. As a result, it’s a pleasant, calming, and functional smoke. It’s the kind of strain that can be taken during the day while doing various activities without getting the consumer into an overwhelming situation as other more potent strains can.



White Widow Autoflower has a THC level of 21% and is considered to be slightly low than the original White Widow. However, this THC content is already high, which means that this White Widow Autoflower version won’t disappoint you. This marijuana strain’s buds are covered with white crystals, as the name implies. This cannabis strain is ideal for novice growers because it is easy to cultivate. The White Widow effects are similar to the Original White Widow as it delivers euphoria and boosts energy for creative work and good conversations. Sonoma Seeds is a good choice for high-quality White Widow Autoflower seeds.

Origin Of White Widow Autoflower Seeds
Widow White Autoflowering takes its name from the rich white crystal-encrusted tops of the plants. It’s a cross between a Cannabis Ruderalis plant, a Brazillian cannabis Sativa female, and a South Indian Cannabis Indica hybrid male. This strains’ combination produces an autoflowering, low-growing marijuana plant with the sought-after White Widow characteristics.

White Widow is one of the most well-known cannabis strains in the world. White Widow Autoflowering is a hybrid that blends the iconic qualities of the legendary White Widow with the best of the autoflowering world. It’s a cannabis Indica dominant hybrid made up of 65 percent Indica and 35 percent Sativa genetics.

Effects Of White Widow Autoflower Seeds
Since White Widow Autoflowering has a low THC content, it provides a calming, light, and convenient smoke. Compared to other more potent strains, you will consume this strain all day while doing various things without becoming overwhelmed. The Sativa contents provide relaxation as well as a cerebral high. It’s perfect whenever you need to sit down and focus on various artistic projects.

Medical Uses Of White Widow Autoflower Seeds
White Widow Autoflower is a cannabis strain that is beneficial to treat insomnia and pain discomfort. This weed strain can help relieve arthritis, shoulder pain, back pain, and menstrual cramps. It is also a cannabis strain that can combat insomnia. The White Widow Autoflower has a pleasant, sweet, and fruity aroma that will put a mark on your taste buds. You will love your everyday routine while still spending a relaxing night’s sleep if you take the correct dosage.

Taste And Aroma Of White Widow Autoflower Seeds
White Widow Autoflowering strain has a distinctive taste and fragrance, which provide users with a delectable and unforgettable experience. This weed strain, when smoked, will give a pleasant taste. When it comes to flavor, the same characteristics apply. It has a fresh, strong sweet flavor. You’ll get a heavy and stoned feeling after you smoke. This strain will make you happy and euphoric sensation and makes your body relaxed. It has a pleasant sweetness that is balanced by a trace of strong bitterness. A lovely earthy aroma also accompanies the intriguing flavors.

Growing White Widow Autoflower Seeds
White Widow Autoflower can be grown indoors and outdoor. These marijuana seeds will thrive in a humid, sunny, and dry environment and yield large and stinky buds. White Widow Auto can flower in just 75-80 days thanks to its Ruderalis genetics as it flowers quickly.

White Widow Autoflowering will deliver excellent yields of up to 60g per plant when grown indoors. This harvest can be improved with outdoor plants, which can produce up to 160g per plant. Outdoor plants can grow up to 110cm in height, and harvesting can occur anywhere between April and October. White Widow Auto has a THC content of up to 12%.

While White Widow Autoflowering’s yield is average, the results are consistently excellent. It’s because, as with all autoflowering cannabis strains, flowering will start as early as week 3 or 4. You should harvest the resin-rich buds after eight weeks. White crystals are nicely encircled the solid and lightweight tops. The buds have a cannabis Indica appearance and effect. Sonoma Seeds’ high-quality seeds are a great way to cultivate healthier marijuana plants.

White Widow Autoflower Strain Specifications
Type: Indoor/Outdoor
Growing: Very Easy
Flowering Time: 8 Weeks
Indica/Sativa: 60% Indica / 30% Sativa / 10% Ruderalis
Effect: Strong High
THC: Medium 21.1%
CBD: 0.70%
Country: Spain
Yield: Up to 250 grams indoor / 150 grams outdoors
Genetics: Original White Widow