White Strawberry Skunk 5 Pack


The White Strawberry Skunk Fem is a well-balanced hybrid. The genetic parent is Swiss “Strawberry” and without a doubt one of the most fruity and sweetest types of cannabis ever. The White Strawberry Skunk Feminized strain grows to be a medium to tall plant with a 10-15cm internodal gap, yet the long branches allow for large yields of a strong product. White Strawberry Skunk produces large, heavy buds to the point that growers must support the plant to prevent the branches from dropping and breaking.

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What are the Flavors and Effects of White Strawberry Skunk Feminized Marijuana Strain?

The flavor of White Strawberry Skunk Fem is almost identical to the aroma of the buds, although it is more complex. It tastes like strawberry and tropical fruit with a combination of mossy, skunky, earthy aftertaste. Don’t be misled by the lovely flavor; this stuff’s high develops slowly, but it will eventually sweep you away.

The effect begins with a modest and complex body-related impact that quickly transforms into a more intellectual and creative flight, and you’ll feel compelled to converse and laugh with your buddies or by yourself. This is an excellent solution for combating poor moods and depression, and it will keep them at bay for an extended period.

How to Grow White Strawberry Skunk Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

After nine weeks of flowering, the White Strawberry Skunk alarm goes off, and you can pluck the very resinous buds. Outdoors, a small plant can carry up to 1kg of buds, while under 1000W HPS light, a yield of 700-800g/m2 is expected. I get a strong whiff of strawberries and cream from the fully established plants. The buds are filled with resin and are quite large. It starts slowly, but the effects can last for some time. Even though the resin production is impressive, it could be misinterpreted as a White family member due to the abundance of gleaming resin glands.