White Runtz Autoflower 5 Pack


White Runtz Auto marijuana is known for its strength. The strain comes from two common strains which taste fantastic together, a potent mix of Gelato and Zkittlez. The outcome is a perfectly structured, 50/50 mix with strong results. The level of White Runtz strain THC may be as large as 24%. White Runtz is the strain for you if you want a delicious, powerful, and long-lasting high.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of White Runtz Auto Cannabis Strain?

White Runtz Auto is a smooth, soft, fruity ice cream experience. Hints of diesel help complete this experience, which brings a little earthiness to this intriguing dessert pressure. The White Runtz marijuana strain flavor is very like the aroma, emphasizing the tropically fruity aspects. Smoking the strain has a simple smoke creamy finish, and exhalation is somewhat earthy.

Since White Runtz Auto’s herb is a long-term experience, you don’t have to wait before it starts. In just minutes, you’ll see the pressure head up. The headrush continues with a sense of euphoria, jokes, and calmness. The creative thoughts generated by this strain are encouraging and fearless.

How To Grow White Runtz Auto Marijuana Seed?

One thing we know is that White Runtz Auto Strain needs to monitor moisture levels carefully. Excess moisture may contribute to mold problems. The treatment of your plants will help you prevent these mold issues.

Hybrids such as the White Runtz strain are usually flexible and can be grown indoors or outdoors. Cooler temperatures are favored because higher heat will leach the herb, stunt the taste and its cherished results from its nutrients. When cultivated indoors, the plant typically yields between 14-16 ounces per square meter. Due to its longer growth duration, the White Runtz strain is best grown outdoors in low humidity climates. In the northern hemisphere, farmers plan their White Runtz strain seeds can harvest in late October. Up to 18 ounces per plant can be harvest when grown outdoor.