Tropicana Cookies 5 Pack


This Sativa-dominant hybrid is known for its clear headed and focused high that delivers an uplifting burst of energy and can usually cause that giggles. Topicana Cookies is the result of crossbreeding the Tangie with the Girl Scout Cookies. When looking at the nugs that this strain produces you will easily notice a good amount of that violet and purple hues together with the orange tones all over those dense and solid buds.Tropicana Cookies also smell and taste citrusy just like how it is named. Its terpene profile also brings in a noticeable citrus smell just like oranges and the flavor is both sweet and a bit floral while having all those citrusy undertones that it is known for. Tropicana Cookies is highly recommended in medical use for treatment of some sociability disorders, to alleviate mood conditions like, depression, sadness and even nausea.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Tropicana Cookies Feminized

Tropicana Cookies has a sweet and pungent smell similar to its Tangie parent, with a citrusy and acidic hints all over mixed with an orangey and creamy overtones that it has inherited from its other parent the Girl Scout Cookies. The taste and smell of the Tropicana Cookies is described to be a delightfully smooth,  orangey and creamy smoke that delivers a happy, cheerful and euphoric effect that is long lasting and brings in the feeling of well being, with hints of psychedelic buzz. Its effects is considered to ba a balanced and well rounded Sativa/Indica effect

Once consumed, you will experience an energetic onset that will surely get you high both in body and mind. From there you will feel a buzz that is tingly all over that will give the feeling of happiness and a sense of focus, motivation and creativity. A feeling of relaxation will come next, making you feel calm and relaxed while your mind will go higher and sour beyond the cosmos. Due to its day time effects and its high THC levels, Tropicana Cookies are perfect for medical use  in treating conditions like nausea, depression, mood swings and loss of appetite.

How to Grow Tropicana Cookies Feminized?

Tropicana Cookies is not in any way complicated when it comes to how it is grown. This strain can adapt well in both indoors and outdoors settings and can thrive well in almost any growing systems out there, may it be soil or coco, aeroponics or hydroponics.

This will grow dark lush leaves and can do so vigorously, typical to any Sativa/Indica hybrids. Its bushy structure allows for a well branched plant with a dominant cola and many strong lateral stalks that will respond well to pruning. Tropicana Cookies Feminized responds well to SOG, SCROG and other training techniques used to increase yield.