Triangle Kush 5 Pack


The Triangle Kush is a homage to the top 3 cities in Florida that produce cannabis: Miami, Tampa, and Jacksonville, which illustrates a triangle like shape on the map. It is said to believe that this strain has OG Kush genetics that is often associated with Chemdawg, Hindu Kush, and Lemon Thai strains. This Indica dominant plant has a high THC level with low CBD which gives an uplifting feeling to its users and at the same have properties that results to a tranquil experience. Growing this plant is a delight as it can thrive in any environment and yields at a medium level.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Triangle Kush Feminized?

A few puffs and this strong Indica strain can instantly bring in the high that its users need. Being very potent, the Triangle Kush Feminized is advised to be taken slowly especially for those with little experience or those who are only starting. Users will feel extremely euphoric from the start which will build up into an upbeat feeling. Gradually, this strain improves the mood of its users which helps in motivating them throughout the day. Aside from boosting its energy, this strain also helps soothe the body making it feel warm and relaxed which most of the time results to a deep sleep.

Aside from its great effects, the flavors of this strain does not disappoint as well. With its strong earthy aroma with a tinge of lemon, the Triangle Kush can be mistakenly identified as an OG Kush even by long time users. When inhaled this strain tastes like how it smells. It is when one exhales the smoke that flavors of sweet, spicy, and sour that stay in your mouth making you want more.

How to Grow Triangle Kush Feminized

Triangle Kush Feminized is an all female plant that results to a high germination rate. Growers can save extra time, effort, and money when using a feminized seed as it only produces females responsible for fertility. It reaches a height of around 3 ft to 5 ft. Growing indoors will allow the grower to control the environment and intently monitor the plant. One can prefer to use the hydroponic system instead of the typical soil. Using this results to a higher yield of about 300 – 400 g/m2 and can be harvested in a span of 56 to 70 days. If the grower’s preference is outdoors, then this plant is also great as it can adapt to any types of climate. Given their mold resistant capabilities and its Indica properties, this sturdy plant can thrive in humid places and yields an amount of 400 gr/plant and can be harvested at around the month of October however, during the cold season, it may yield a lesser amount than normal.