Trainwreck 5 Pack


Living up to its name, the Trainwreck Feminized with its highly dominant Sativa strain, will definitely give the brain a full wreckage. It is said to come from Northern California and its genetic descendants are a mixture of Afghani Indica, Thai Sativa, and Mexican Sativa. This strain will give the body an extra energy that helps its users feel good yet at the same time feeling relaxed which is great for those that want to destress and enjoy. It’s unique flavors add to the mind blowing adventure of the Trainwreck Feminized. Its genetic composition results to a goliath-like height and even grows astoundingly wide. It needs a little extra care and flourishes in a warm setting which is hard for beginners especially during temperature shifts. However, effort is never wasted as this plant produces a great amount of yield.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Trainwreck Feminized?

The Trainwreck Feminized gives the best of both worlds with a perfect balance of euphoria and relaxation. It’s highly Sativa nature is responsible for the mood boosting and motivating effect that it gives its users. Senses are much more enhanced which helps with sharpening focus. This often produces more ideas, a creative imagination, and a great amount of energy leading to more work done with lesser effort. This is a great way to increase productivity especially during days where output is needed but your body and brain will not cooperate. Apart from being an alternative to caffeine, this strain can also help relax the mind and can be used to reduce stress.

Known for its damp and moist texture which is eminent from the first look of this strain and one can automatically notice the resin glimmering from it’s buds. Smoking this will open your taste buds to a mixture of flavors with an eccentric taste. It has a strong and distinct aroma made up of a cedar and pines. Once smoked, your mouth will be filled with the taste of pine needles and a tinge of lemon. The longer this strain is smoked, an earthy flavor will start to kick in. A spicy aftertaste lingers in your lips which may leave you wanting for more.

How to Grow Trainwreck Feminized 

As these are feminized seeds, growers will not be burdened with the additional task of segregating the males. Females are what produces the weed which means that the Trainwreck Feminized  assures that this strain produces a much greater yield of about 500g/m2 when grown indoors and can be harvested within 56 to 70 days. Outdoor growing needs a longer time but the wait is worth it with buds that produce a yield of about 700g/plant. The trainwreck can be successfully grown outdoors and indoor as well however, for growers who are just starting, indoor gardening is recommended as this plant thrives in a sunny and warm climate. The change in the weather outside may affect how this plant is grown and would need a little bit of an expertise in handling this type of challenge. This varying factor can be better controlled from the inside.

This plant with tough roots and strong stems needs a lot of space to grow as it can reach heights of about 6 feet to 7 feet. Although it does not need much attention, this gigantic plant also expands greatly thus, this it needs trimming from time to time so as to not take up more space which would be harder to handle.