Tijuana 5 Pack

Tijuana Feminized is a genetic cross between two strong sativa strains, Kali Mist and the Original Haze. The name was obtained from a lively and colorful city in Mexico where tourists can feel both fun and mischief in one place. Living up to its name, this strain can bring the party to its users. Tijuana’s high THC will keep them feeling energetic and motivated all day. It even helps push all those creative juices out of the brain.



What are the Flavor and Effects of Tijuana Feminized?

Tijuana’s fragrance is strongly dominated by earthy and woody aromas which she got from her Haze parent whereas the hints of citrus and fruity flavors are inherited from the Kali Mist . The combination of both of these strains produced flavors that will surely be loved by anyone.

However, most users would say that its sweet and smooth taste is contrary to the out of this world adventure that Tijuana will put you in. Its high THC is great when used in the morning as it will keep you wide awake, feeling productive, and ready to take on the world. The longer the high, the more creative the brain gets; unlimited imagination and creative ideas continuously flow through with ease. This feeling will go on for a long time but once the cerebral high slowly fades away, the body will feel a warm relaxation and the feeling of the muscles and joints getting soft. It’s effects are all cerebral which is great for days where you want to be productive but do not have the right state of mind to do so.

How to Grow Tijuana Feminized

The Tijuana Feminized is a classic Sativa strain that produces sticky buds with a fairly great amount of yield that can reach about 400 g/m2 when grown indoors and 500 gr/plant outdoors. As it is feminized, growers do not have to worry about classifying the males because this strain attains an all female batch. It has a harvesting period of 10 to 12 weeks. When growing it outdoors, you can get results around late October.

It can reach a height of about 6 feet to 9 feet and is a fairly tall plant thanks to its parents having strong Sativa strains. With that said, growers should be wary when growing indoors as it needs an ample amount of space. The Tijuana survives in a humid and hot climate and does not have any difficulties in cold areas just as long as it is not too frigid.