The Church 5 Pack


A classic variety of the Greenhouse Seeds, The Church Feminized is 60% Indica and 40% Sativa with a cross of Super Skunk, Northern Lights, and Erdbeer–a Swiss Sativa hybrid. This interesting genetic composition produces a high yield with a lesser harvesting period and can grow in any type of environment making it on the list of top strains that is great for first time growers. The Church will turn you into a believer with a cerebral high that lasts for a long span of time giving its users an upbeat and extreme feeling that unleashes one’s inner social butterfly which makes this skunky strain better when taken with friends.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of The Church Feminized?

Heavily influenced by its Super Skunk parent, The Church Feminized immediately fills the room with its strong skunky odor. Despite its smell, this plant produces an earthy yet sweet taste with hints of pine and fruity flavors when inhaled. A tingling spice can be felt at the back of your throat as well.

The Church results in a very intense high. Users can feel it kicking in within a few hits that starts off relaxing like a typical Indica then slowly evolves into an upbeat and social feeling. With a THC of around 20%, this strain definitely gives high potency that will help you and your friends have a wonderful time. It instantly lifts the energy of the room which makes The Church great for any social gathering

How to Grow The Church Feminized

The Church is on the list of rare strains that can produce a yield of 800g per square meter when grown indoors while outdoor gardeners can expect up to 900g per plant. Its Northern Lights genetics lead to a longer harvesting period but the Edbeer, a Swiss Sativa hybrid,  has made it possible to lower the flowering period at around 9 to 10 weeks. For outside growers harvesting is around the middle of October. One way to help speed things up and lower the harvesting period is by using the Hydroponic system. This plant can produce a generous amount of buds while maintaining its bushy and short figure. She only grows at about 0.8m to 1m (indoors) to 1.5m to 2.0m (outdoors). What makes this plant even better is that it’s easy to cultivate for all types of growers as it thrives in any type of climate. Recorded as one of the most mold resistant strains,The Church is better grown in areas with high humidity. With that being said, this strain both gives its users and growers a wonderful experience.