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The Taskenti Feminized is widely known as “The Bulldog” due to its fat and drooping flower buds. It is an Indica-dominant cannabis seed that originated from Uzbekistan and when mixed with the Northern Lights produced this hashy. This strain is a variety of the Landrace which gives the branches and stem its strong and sturdy characteristic.Focusing on quality rather than intensity, this strain can help relieve the mind of stress and anxiety. This citrusy strain with a tinge of pine and mint will undoubtedly put you into a deep slumber.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Taskenti Feminized?

The Taskenti Fem introduces the taste buds to a citrusy lemon zest filled flavor with hints of pine and mint leaving a skunky aftertaste that lingers in your mouth. When exhaled, you will be left with a tingling sweet taste.

In comparison to some potent strains, the Taskenti is much less intense yet the high quality it offers makes up for this. It leaves the individual with the light feeling that it provides, this strain can alleviate stress and relax the mind and put an individual into dream-world in an instance regardless of the way it is consumed. Some users would describe this

How to Grow Taskenti Feminized

 Reaching a height of about 100 cm to 150 cm, this short to medium sized plant reaches a yield of 350 – 450 g/m2 (indoor) to 500 – 700 gr/plant (outdoor). For growing indoors, a little trim is necessary as this one has more leaves than normal. Doing so would be worth your time as it helps boost the production of buds and can reach about 1.15 to 1.47 ounces of buds per square foot after flowering for about 7 to 9 weeks. When grown outdoors, especially in a Mediterranian climate where it thrives, the Taskenti Feminized can yield 17.6 to 24.7 ounces of buds and can be harvested around mid October. It is recommended that during the flowering period, this plant should be kept in a dry and well ventilated space.

For growers that dislike the stinky smell of weed and would like an early harvest then, growing this plant is not a problem. Its vegetation period only lasts for about 30 days.  It is easy to cultivate and is resistant to pests which makes the Taskenti Feminized surely suitable for novice growers.