Tangie 5 Pack


A 70% Sativa marijuana strain from 1995, Tangie Feminized, also known as Tangerine Dream, was bred by combining the Super Skunk and California Orange strain. It is a high THC strain that delivers a dose of creativity and clear-headed energy, perfect for those struggling with anxiety and depression. However, the potency may catch you off guard, so it is still best for smokers to take their time with the strain. New smokers may want to consider something else with a lower THC content. This hybrid is truly a wonderful experience to smoke with flavors of oranges and fresh tangerines with a subtle floral edge. It’s an ultimate pick-me-up strain, with its sweet and dank orange aroma making it feel like you’re indulging in a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Tangie Feminized

True to its name and aroma, Tangie tastes like sweet tangerines and sour citrus. The flavors of this strain are one that’s sought after by many all over the world. The Tangie is a potent weed that comes on fast, the first hit is a great wave of euphoria that may catch even experienced smokers off guard, and as your mind gets rid of the weights of the world, a myriad of creative thoughts come into focus. This effect is well suited for conscious activities such as writing and other creative ventures. From the burst of creativity to a significant charge of energy, the Tangie feminized is truly a Sativa-dominant experience, the best choice to get you started throughout the day.

How to Grow Tangie Feminized

Tangie Feminized is a reasonably simple strain to develop. It is not especially sensitive, nor is it prone to most commonly grown pest and mold infestation issues. As long as growers have the absolute best soil as well as plenty of nutrients for these beauties, they’ll have the job done without any severe exertion of effort. In relatively cool regions, growing Tangie Feminized outdoors is feasible, but a reasonable amount of sunlight and mild humidity levels would ensure the best outcomes.

It is usually better to set cultivation outdoors. Through regular cautious pruning, it is possible to maintain Tangie Feminized crops under command. Tangie Fem has a flowering time of around ten weeks, during which harvests regularly tip the scales for every square meter of growing space at about 17 oz of cannabis. More than enough to indefinitely hold you alive!