Superbud 5 Pack


The Super Bud is a balanced feminized seed of cannabis. It’s a mixture of Big Bud to Skunk hybrid. This variation is a strain that is easy to grow. In a short flowering period, it grows medium-long. The distinctive, potent aromas and aromas of the parent strains remain in this strain. In addition, its flavors are similar to the scent of the mother plant combining pure incense fragrance with a metallic taste. This combination provides you with a gentle boost to energy and intellectual clarity. Super Bud Fem is an extremely popular strain that affects cannabis users and breeders.

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What are the Flavors and Effects of Super Bud Feminized Marijuana Strain?

Super Bud Fem relieves pain and decreases loss of appetite. This strain features a sweet and fruity flavor as well as a rapid flora that attracts connoisseurs. This strain works for a long time. The impact of Super Bud Fem is initially cerebral and vigorous and gradually becomes a peaceful and comfortable place to rest.

Marijuana experts believed to like the mixture of aromas and flavors of Super Bud Fem. The aromas offer a high level of excitement, creativity, and social strength. Users report having a potent and energy-conscious feeling.

How to Grow Super Bud Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

Super Bud’s name isn’t a gimmick; she’s a true behemoth when it comes to output. Greenhouse Seeds mated Big Bud with Skunk, resulting in a true monster that stays small but branches wonderfully. The stocky plants are well-suited to cultivation in SOG and ScrOG systems, but they also thrive in the open air.

When you observe a harvest of 900 grams m2 after its flowering period of 8 weeks in an indoor plantation, your eyes will be burning with joy, and when you see a plant holding up to 1kg of flowers by the end of September. You will also get driven! Aside from the incredibly high yields, she is also easy to produce, making her suitable for rookie and commercial farmers.

Super Bud Feminized seeds are not only abundant throughout harvest, but they are also highly effective. This strain is packed with cannabinoids and covered in trichomes. The cerebral high from Super Bud is like a delicious joy that soothes concern and stress, thanks to the high THC concentration (17+%) of the buds. The second stage of the cerebral high is incredibly relaxing, pain-killing, calm, almost calming, and hunger-stimulating, which sets in shortly after, making her a perfect choice for suffering from cramps, body pain, insomnia, and a lack of appetite.