Super Skunk Autoflower 5 Pack


Super Skunk is an autoflowering strain that is Sativa-dominant with Sativa (60%) /Indica (40%) ratio. This cannabis variety is quite famous because of its powerful skunky smell and deeply relaxing effects. With a relatively high THC level at 17% on average to 28% in maximum, it offers a physical high that can help alleviate symptoms of and relieve bodily pain, insomnia, depression, and anxiety. The effects it can offer vary depending on the dosage taken. Super Skunk boasts a euphoric buzz that uplifts the mood, boosts creativity, and encourages social interaction among its users. The invigorating stone it delivers is what makes the users crave Super Skunk more. Similar to its parent strain Skunk #1 and Afghani, Super Skunk’s staunchly pungent and skunk aroma and earthy flavor is what makes users think that it is an intimidating strain. But Super Skunk can be friendly with its flexible and versatile high. The buds it produces are in a light green color with hints of bright crystal trichomes. It is an easy to grow strain, perfect for both novice and seasoned growers.

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What are the Flavors and Effects of Super Skunk Autoflowering?

Super Skunk Autoflowering has a pungent aroma that might appear to be strong if you are not used to it. But when you get to be comfortable with its smell, you will then notice that it has a surprisingly hidden sweetness to it. The sweet aroma becomes more evident when its buds are grind creating a fragrance comparable to fresh honey. When combusted the skunkiness of Super Skunk intensifies and lingers in the air for quite some time. It is recommended that you burn and take in Super Skunk outdoors.

Luckily, Super Skunk’s flavor is distantly similar to its smell. Users will get to savor Super Skunk’s overwhelmingly sweet taste with underlying earthy tones. For those who prefer the tough and extremely skunky flavor, it is still present in Super Skunk, however, it can be enjoyed in a much subtle way.

The effect of Super Skunk varies from one user to another, as its effects differ from the dosage you take in. This strain is popular among cannabis enthusiasts as it allows you to feel both sativa and indica effects despite it predominantly sativa. Upon the onset, you will experience a calm and euphoric high. After a while, you will eventually feel a bold physical high that keeps you focused and rooted in your surroundings. The prominent sativa effects provide a clear head and inspire creativity. In addition, it also boasts a profound state of elation, perfect to enjoy with peers and encourage social interaction. As the high settles, the sense of relaxation kicks-in in a very pleasant way without leading into a couchlock.

How to Grow Super Skunk Autoflowering

Super Skunk is a great strain to experiment for budding growers as it is very easy to grow. Super Skunk is highly resistant to molds and pests, making it hassle free and low maintenance. The only thing growers have to be keen on are the usual basics, like proper sunlight and watering. This strain thrives more in dry climates, regardless of warm days and cold nights. It is best planted indoors so that you have more control of its growing environment. If you choose to cultivate Super Skunk outdoors, you can expect an average yield of 20 ounces of buds per plant between late September to early November. While grown indoors, a harvest of 18 ounces per square meter can be anticipated within ten weeks.