Star Killer 5 Pack


The Star Killer marijuana strain is an Indica dominant hybrid between Rare Dankness #2 and Skywalker OG. This killer strain has a gut punching THC level of 29% that is more than enough to knock the feet off even the experienced smokers with just a few puffs. Known for its distinct earthy pine flavor with notes of sweet citrus, this pungent strain is an attention grabber that will give its users a calm cerebral high before it puts them into a couch-locking state.The Star Killer strain grows into a short, stocky plant with big, dark purple buds wrapped in delicious trichomes in just 8-10 weeks. This highly potent strain can thrive both indoors and outdoors and can be quite difficult to cultivate. When done properly, this killer strain can yield around 450-600g.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Star Killer Feminized Strain?

This Star Killer marijuana strain has a strong pine and lemon scent. When smoked, this dope has a pleasing taste of sweet citrus with a mix of earthy overtones and a smooth spicy aftertaste on the exhale.

This heavy-hitting strain produces a mood-uplifting high followed by a sedating relaxation of the whole body. Because of its high THC, smokers are induced to a blissful sleep after just a few hits of this killer weed, which is why this is best enjoyed at night.

How to Grow Star Killer Feminized Strain 

The Star Killer marijuana strain grows into a small, fat plant with dark purple nuggets wrapped in heavy, sticky resin. This high-yielding strain has little information on growing but it has been tested to thrive in both indoors and outdoors  settings. Gardeners will be a bit challenged when growing this plant, but the effort will not go to waste as it yields an average of 450-600g in just 8-10 weeks.

For indoor growing, this strain thrives in low temperature. When applying hydroponic methods, constant monitoring of the PH levels and room temperature is critical in growing this plant. Expect this plant to yield around 450-500g/m2

For outdoor growing, this plant prefers a Mediterranean setting. Expect this plant to yield around 600g per plant.