Space Cookies Autoflower 5 Pack


Known as a well-balanced hybrid strain, the Space Cookies Auto cannabis features 60% Indica genetics. This weed was created by crossing the modern classic strain Girl Scout Cookies with the addition of Afghan genetics to the mix. The autoflowering variety of the Space Cookies is a balanced combination of Sativa and Indica genes, making it a powerful yet delicious and harmonious hybrid. This high-performance strain combines the classic taste of its parents, resulting in an intensely sweet and distinctive aroma and flavors. Alongside its being flavorful, the Space Cookies Auto has very high THC levels that are highly appealing to users and breeders who love a more profound psychoactive high and long-lasting uplifting effects. What makes this Indica hybrid great is that it is empowered with powerful genetics that adds to its potency and fast-flowering, vigorous performance.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Space Cookies Auto?

The Space Cookies Auto has a unique combination to offer when it comes to its taste and aroma. When it comes to its scent, it exudes quite a pungent aroma that’s mainly sweet with a strong background of wood and pine. Taste-wise, it is characterized by pine tones and sweet earthy overtones that just dominate the palate.

Containing THC levels of around 18-22%, together with the balance between it Sativa and Indica genetics, the high this strain provides targets both the body and the mind, equally powerful, cerebral, and stoning. It gives a euphoric sensation accompanied by long-lasting happiness that just gets the head in the clouds. After that, an intense body buzz and full-body relaxation will follow. The strain is well-balanced which makes it an ideal choice for daytime relaxation since it is not heavy enough to keep users from doing their daily routines.

How to Grow Space Cookies Auto?

Growing Space Cookies Auto is quite easy for both novice and experienced breeders. This is a medium-sized plant that is very manageable and does not have many demands. The plant’s bushy growth is followed by mild stretching with resinous buds formed on its strong side branches.

This cannabis plant can grow very well both indoors and outdoors. When grown indoors, it does not produce problems with its height since it responds particularly great to training and pruning. It finishes its flowering period within 8-10 weeks and will generate impressive yields that can amount to around 550G per square meter. Outdoors, it naturally prefers sunny and Mediterranean climates but can also survive the cold and less friendly conditions. Moreover, this cannabis plant is highly resistant to fungi and pests. Under optimal conditions, growers can expect massive yields that can reach up to 1000G per plant which can be harvested in October.