Skunkberry 5 Pack


Skunkberry strain is a hybrid of the Skunk and Blueberry strains, making it one of the most potent strains to be developed from 18% up to 22% THC.  This odoriferous strain preserves the strong skunky smell of the Skunk strain and sour citrusy smell of the Blueberry strain. This mid-height, light green plant produces large skunky buds and is very easy to grow with a short flowering time of 8-9 weeks.  Furthermore, despite its strong pungent smell, the Skunkberry strain packs a sweet fruity and citrusy flavor that keeps you wanting for more. This hybrid quickly produces an intensifying euphoric high that enhances your mood and relaxes your whole body. It is truly a recommended strain to cannabis users and breeders.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Skunkberry Feminized Strain?

The Skunkberry marijuana strain releases rich notes of skunky and fruity odors. With hints of  blueberries, citrus and a sour blend of skunk, this strain produces a great taste that users will really enjoy.

As for its effects, the Skunkberry strain is best used at night as it produces a euphoric and intense buzz that deeply relaxes the individual without gluing them to the couch. The immediate effect of the high will last for a couple of hours too. It numbs the muscles and relieves tightness and soreness.

How to Grow Skunkberry Feminized Strain 

The Skunkberry marijuana strain is an interesting blend of Skunk and Blueberry that possesses the aroma and taste of both its parents. In just 8-9 weeks, the Skunkberry strain grows into a medium height, light green plant with large skunky buds. Within this very short flowering period, this strain yields about 283-340g/m2 indoors and 340 grams or more per plant outdoors.

Due to its pungent smell, indoor growers are recommended to install a carbon filter and ventilation system to help manage the circulation of air in the area to avoid the accumulation of the strong odor. Having knowledge on growing techniques such as the Sea of Green method can be advantageous because it minimizes the phase of vegetation without affecting the yield. Under the right conditions, growers can expect about 283-340g/m2 of buds at the end of the flowering period.

On the other hand, outdoor growers can rely on the natural breeze to carry away the skunky odor. It is ideal for outdoor growers to evenly spread out the plants to give each plant ample space for the air to pass through. Flowers are expected to bloom around the last week of September to early October but growers can opt to extend for about a week or two to help improve the production of the buds. By the end of the flowering phase, growers can expect around 340 grams or more at the end of the flowering phase.