Shiskaberry 5 Pack


Shiskaberry is also known as Kish is an indica-leaning hybrid that emerged from mixing an unidentified Afghani strain with DJ Short Blueberry. In 8 to 10 weeks, this plant can grow and should produce a very significant number of flowers. Shiskaberry’s buds have a citrus and berry fragrance and can be decorated in the color purple.Whenever you want to chill, socialize, and share joy, Shishkaberry Kush weed seeds are the perfect smoke. This psychological indica will help improve concentration, inspire giggles, and raise the attitude with friends and relatives.



What are the Flavor and Effects of Shiskaberry Kush Feminized Marijuana

This could seem like glowing reviews, however, when we inform you whether Shishkaberry Kush Fem might be the tastiest and enticing strain possible, there is no question in our minds. Bursting with berry and earth notes, it is a pungent herb that, when lit, releases a rich and fruity musk scent, which appears to be earthy and herbal foundations in flavor. Exhaling, there is a faint hint of tart berry remaining on the tongue for a second.

Exhaling, there is a faint hint of tart berry remaining on the tongue for a second. A cerebral high that clinical potential the mind and elevates the atmosphere arrives with the first puff. Your attention will sharpen and you’ll be in the mood to socialize immediately. The interesting cognitive enhancement may even cause bursts of giggles. You may want to reach the city and party because of the string of effects. Nevertheless, moving out when under the control of Shishkaberry Kush is not a smart idea, here’s why: once the intellectual buzz has sunk in, the soothing weight of the strain will pulp the body into a purée. You’ll hardly be able to move at all as soon as it happens.

How to Grow Shiskaberry Kush Feminized Marijuana

Shishkaberry Kush is a real Indica plant that is durable and inherently immune to many pests and diseases, an utter pleasure to grow. While having a limited flowering cycle, its yields are still plentiful and it is a strain that growers of differing degrees of skill and expertise can easily handle. Particularly because these seeds are already feminized, the need to search out and eliminate males is reduced. She will thrive in both a hydroponics environment or synthetic soil while growing this plant indoors – especially when paired with the Sea of Green (SOG) system.

In around 8-10 weeks, she develops, maturing into a beautiful plant of pine cone-shaped buds that can turn a beautiful color of mauve and are filled in sticky trichomes and fiery orange fur.  Harvests each sq meter could come in at about 1.47 oz of nugs. In a hot and temperate environment, outdoor producers can discover Shishkaberry Kush Feminized bloom, and when produced al fresco, they will reach up to 7 feet tall in perfect conditions. In colder temperatures and the northern hemisphere, the plant develops well enough, but in rainier environments, she needs further observation and care, as mold will become a concern in moist weather. Harvest season in the northern hemisphere comes about towards the end of September and the start of October, with average yields between about 19-21 oz of buds for each plant.