Sex on the Beach 5 Pack


Sex on the Beach Feminized Cannabis strain is easy to grow on a Sunny and Mediterranean climate. This strain is an equally balanced hybrid strain (50 percent Indica / 50 percent Sativa). It is stated that this strain has stimulant features. The concept behind Sex on the Beach is to have a euphoric and prolonged sexual encounter without flooding the customer with strong hybrid genetics. It is considered to contain longer-lasting THC results.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Sex on the Beach Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Sex on the Beach Feminized Seeds does have a sour lemon and skunky diesel flavor. The strain’s scent is almost strong, with the pungent, sour skunk and strong tangy lemon accentuated with a diesel earthy overtone. There are round dark green shade nugs on the beach buds packed with fuzzy amber hair and a dense layer of ultra-tiny brilliant white trichomes of crystal.

You can experience a euphoric rush at the beginning of the high for its effect, filling your mind with positive dreams and leaving you with an elevated feeling in general. Your body can begin to experience a gentle tingle when your cerebral condition grows, which quickly becomes a full-on vibration, leaving you calm and mildly numb, free of any physical pains and aches.

How to Grow Sex on the Beach Feminized Cannabis Seeds

A natural mix of Sativa and Indica (50 percent Sativa/50 percent Indica) is Sex on the Beach Feminized Cannabis Plants. In Sunny and Mediterranean climates, it develops quickly. It can produce up to 8-9 weeks in only a short period if you take this strain properly. It is recommended that this strain produces outside with 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness on a 12/12 light cycle.