Runtz Autoflower 5 Pack


The Runtz strain was created through crossbreeding two famous strains: Gelato #33 and Skittlez. Gelato #33 is a robust strain that boasts a sweet and citrusy flavor. Meanwhile, the Skittlz is an Indica-dominant strain that possesses a great range of fruity and sweet flavors. Adding another strain to the mix, namely Ruderalis, results in a strain that possesses the awesomeness of Runtz while gifting its users with less flowering time and space consumption. This strain is known as the Runtz Autoflowering. This strain doesn’t grow as tall as a photoperiod standard nor yield as many buds but it does produce an average yield of around 500 grams per square meter indoor. The upside of this strain, as mentioned, is its short flowering time of about eight to nine weeks which is great for novice cultivators and even for veteran ones who are a bit impatient. To put a cherry on top of this wonderful strain, the Runtz Auto shows off a high THC content of 23% after proper drying and curing. This is an undeniably good deal when compared to waiting for the 27% THC of the Runtz strain which spends a longer time in the flowering period. The Runtz Auto is packed with the greatness of Runtz aroma and flavors that takes you on a trip to a candy factory!

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What are the Flavors and Effects of Runtz Autoflowering?

The Runtz Auto welcomes its users with a sweet, candy-like scent that will make them just want to dive into its goodness. However, it’s in the flavors where this strain shines the mosts. It’s packed with sweet and fruity tropical notes that are balanced out by a familiar mellow earthy undertone that’s common in most marijuana strains. The smoke is rich and creamy that smokers will be tempted to just sit back and relax while basking in the glory of Runtz Auto. Because of the dominant sweetness, this strain is great for edibles too.

Runtz Auto, is a fast-acting strain that starts with an intense and euphoric cerebral high. Although not as intense as its Runtz variant, this strain will fill the room with fits of giggles and joy. It also sends a rush of creativity to its users so better take advantage of it and get going on projects that have been pushed aside for a while. Although the head high will make users want to move around when the body buzz kicks in it will eventually lead to an immobilized couch-lock situation where thoughts are the only ones running wild. This strain is, therefore, best used after working hours while doing lightweight activities or watching movies.

How to Grow Runtz Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds?

Growing the Runtz Auto is a breeze for both novice and veteran cultivators thanks to its autoflowering genetics. It’s not bushy nor fussy but pruning it occasionally will keep the plant in its best shape, it also allows for proper air and light flow. The Runtz Auto can reach as tall as 1.2 meters which makes it perfect for those growing it in restricted spaces as well as those opting to grow the plants in a group such as in a Sea of Green setup.

When cultivating the Runtz Auto indoors, the grower may opt for a hydroponic or a traditional pot and soil setup. Either way, the plant will thrive. However, growing it in a soil medium will have significant effects on its aroma and flavor profile. It thrives best and will generate high yields when grown under a light schedule of about 18 to 20 hours a day.

Growing the Runtz Auto outdoors is also a viable option as it can survive in most climates. As little as six hours of sunlight should be enough to get the plant flourishing, however, providing more sun time should lead to the plants optimum state.