Rose Queen 5 Pack


The Rose Queen is a strain of Indica-dominant feminized cannabis. This strain of marijuana has an average THC volume of up to 14-16%. The Rose Queen Feminized cannabis strain is a plant that will generate the vitality of the user and uplift their emotions. The body stone is excellent, with the marijuana strain being referred to by several users as a “one-hitter quitter.” This Indica-dominant strain will improve the consumers’ feelings, elevate them, and control discomfort and anxiety.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Rose Queen Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Rose Queen Feminized cannabis strain is known for its unique taste. A hint of herbs, sweet earthy undertone, fruity and citrusy. It is advisable to smoke the Rose Queen Feminized cannabis strain during your lazy and introverted days. This type of weed is excellent for inspiration, relaxing, and even intense pondering, but it is not suitable for a lot of interaction.

How to Grow Rose Queen Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Suggested Rose Queen Feminized cannabis with hydroponics should be grown outdoors. Growers can assume indoors to have a flowering period of about 52-68 days. The strain of the crop is going to be heavy. Although growing Rose Queen Feminized cannabis indoors is recommended, it also provides reasonable outdoor yields. The bushy plants are small to medium height and produce thick, roundish buds coated in orange hair.