Romulan 5 Pack


The Romulan strain is Indica-dominant and can induce very sedative and controlled substance symptoms. Naturally, the Romulan fem strain gets its name from Star Trek’s hostile alien species. It’s an apt history since this Indica strain from British Columbia is the ideal background for outer space. Romulan is very potent, averaging out at 20-24% THC. With a slight amount of the Sativa-dominant White Rhino cross, it’s nearly pure Indica. However, its full roots remain a mystery.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Romulan Feminized Strain?

With traces of pine and citrus, the Romulan Feminized strain has a soft, earthy scent and taste. This strain Induces a profoundly relaxing body with such a romantic, spinning feeling. Like with other Indicas, while it’s better for discomfort, Romulan Feminized strain can help alleviate anxiety. It is maintained to control fear and loss of appetite. Couch-lock is popular in Romulan, so it’s better at home for late nights. Romulan fem strain is admired by its consumers, though not precisely the most significant strain, and it’s a preference of many patients with medical marijuana. When used in high amounts, it can be overbearing, with potential dizziness, paranoia, and migraine.

How to Grow Romulan Feminized Strain?

The growing method for Romulan is reasonably easy to cultivate, so full beginners with little or no marijuana background can also try them out. In addition to various Indica plants, this one takes a little more space to grow and bloom because it is significantly larger than your average short plant. It is naturally highly immune to common diseases and lowers the maintenance needed (but every cannabis strain needs quite a bit of attention). This weed will flourish indoors or outdoors as long as the weather is right. The plant has Indica features, with shorter storage bumps and thick, small nuggets. Indoor and outdoor environments, the plant is often in bloom within 8-9 weeks, and new growers have an easy time with Romulan.