Purple Star Killer 5 Pack


With a name likePurple Star Killer, it is easy to see why this strain was categorized as a100% pure indica. Bred to perfection by the team at Dutch Passions, this strain provides individuals with a deeply relaxing experience that is emboldened by hints of euphoria. These hybridized indica-leading effects work great to provide individuals with symptomatic relief from anxiety and insomnia, all in a package brimming with a sweet flavor and calming effects.Far from a household name, this relatively new strain from Dutch Passions has become a staple amongst new and expert growers alike.

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Type: Indica

Genetics: Unknown

Flowering Period: 40 to 50 Days

Climate: Dry and Sunny

Height: Short

Yield: 12 ounces per meter squared (indoors) / 15 ounces per plant (outdoors)

Flavors: Herbal, Berry, Spice, Citrus

THC Levels: 10% to 20%

CBD Levels: 1%

Harvest Period: Mid-October

Growing Difficulty: Easy

General Strain Information

With genetic origins obscured in mystery, it would be easy to cast this strain aside as another indica hitting the market with big promises and little outcomes. However, this Dutch Passion project has turned into one of the bigger hits in the industry for individuals looking after a pure indica cut.

Revered as a medical strain thanks to its relatively low levels of THC, Purple Star Killer’s best traits revolve around its therapeutic benefits, including stress and anxiety reduction. After consuming a little bit of this purple strain, consumers will enjoy a rolling body buzz that develops into a smooth blanket of contentment and relaxation.

At a glance, this Star strain is described as fragrant with hues of spiced berry, herb, and grape.

Purple Star Killer Genetics

The genetics of this strain have been enshrouded in mystery since the strain was first released to the market. As a result, it is hard to nail down too much about where this strain came from. The team of breeders at Dutch Passion have been vocal about keeping this strain’s genetic lineage secret.

Despite the secrecy surrounding this strain, it is easy to look at the pure indica and see why it is what it is. The stubby body and pronounced pebble-like buds speak to its landrace roots, while the purple hues and deep green leaves recall more of its old-school indica genetics.

Primary Flavor and Aroma

There are few strains in the industry that give off the breadth of flavors and fragrance that this strain provides. Initial inhalation will lead consumers to experience notes of berry, spice, herb, and citrus. Secondary tokes will unveil further notes of lime and pine, and a sweet coating of grape also creeps in throughout the experience.

When grown indoors, it is hard to ignore the skunk herbal spice that emanates from the plant. Thankfully, some of this skunk translates away from the smoking experience during the curing process, leaving smokers with something at once more earthy and smooth.

Primary Effects

As a low THC indica strain, this flower is particularly good in a number of medicinal applications. Thanks to its euphoric and relaxing effects, use of Purple Star Killer is probably best at the end of the night.

Smoking just a bit of this strain will lead to a mellow head and body high that begins with a slightly uplifting tilt in the head. Racing thoughts soon give way to a more sedating mindset as a pleasant wellness seeps throughout you.

More than just ideal for treating stress and anxiety, These Cannabis Seeds are great for growing euphoria-focused cannabis. Light effects touch upon the mind while leaving consumers in a state of blissful yet comfortable euphoria.

As a medical strain, individuals can consume it to treat minor aches and pains, chronic arthritis, anxiety, nausea, and even standard stress. When consumed at higher doses, this strain can potentially lead lighter tolerance users to couch lock and eventual sleep. Medical users typically turn to this strain for pain relief as well as insomnia relief.

While its effects are largely focused on relaxation and physical sedation, there is an uplifting tilt to this Star strain that allows users to look at things with a slightly brighter outlook. As a result, this Star strain is ideal for treating symptoms relating to depression.

The low THC level of this strain makes it a palatable smoke for almost any time of day or night despite its intrinsically relaxing effects.

Growing Purple Star Killer at Home

This purple strain is a fantastic option for cultivation by new and experienced growers alike. As a highly resistant indica strain, this purple bud strain resists many common diseases and pests when grown outdoors. With that said, this strain does require extensive sunlight as well as a dry and warm climate when cultivated outdoors.

When grown indoors, the cannabis develops in roughly eight to nine weeks with flowering resulting in roughly 12 ounces per meter squared. These robust yield numbers make for a highly productive experience for new cultivators, ensuring that they are maximizing the output of their efforts.

Despite its ease of use when grown indoors, outdoor growers will also revere this strain. Purple Star Killer’s yield can eclipse more than 15 ounces per plant when cultivated outdoors with the harvest ready by mid-October.

When properly grown, harvested, and cured, this flower will sport buds that are tight and compact, a pebble in size, and dense in body. Nuggets of this star strain are small and dense while hued with purple and lit up by an olive green. Prior to trimming, growers will find plenty of purple leaves along with a coating of fine sandy trichomes.

Individuals looking to cultivate this strain at home will want to make sure they have proper lighting installed throughout their room. The dense and bushy nature of most indica strains means that light proliferation is of the utmost importance. Without proper lighting at the lowest levels of the plant, it is possible to lose some health and vitality during production. This problem is offset when the strain is cultivated outdoors in a sunny and mildly warm environment.