Purple Kush Autoflower 5 Pack


Purple Kush Auto is an Indica-dominant strain that descends from two potent strains, Purple Afghani and the Hindu Kush. It has an average THC content of 13% and CBD content of 0.6%. This pressure is ideal for relaxing after a long day. With only one puff, you’ll have a peaceful, carefree mind and a relaxed body, making it the perfect stress reliever. The euphoric high is so strong that it will last all night, but it has a dreamy rather than concentrated feel.

This herb’s fragrance is packed with fresh notes of spice, fresh berries, and sandalwood, catching the distinctive make-up of classic Kush strains. Although the smoke smells and looks like a glacier’s stream, it isn’t as refreshing, and its acidity can cause light coughing. Purple Kush is a cannabis strain that grows wider than it does tall. The plant has thick, dark-green buds that are dense and stiff. Purple Kush Autoflower is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. It’s a simple weed to produce, so it’s also ideal for novice growers.

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The Hindu Kush’s mountainous terrain has a long history of producing some of the best Indica strains in the world. These indigenous strains became the de facto norm against which all others are measured after adapting to the harsh climate, thanks to their unparalleled growth robustness, resiliency, and abundant yields.

Given this, it’s no shock that breeders are lined up to use Hindu Kush(purple kush)  as super hybrid breeding stock. To achieve a beautiful purple coloration, the breeders introduced an auto variant of Purple Afghani, which maintains the same genetic makeup as Afghani Indica.

Origin Of Purple Kush Autoflower Seeds

Its lineage came from a mountainous region renowned for producing some of the best Indica varieties, is a harsh climate. This bud has built exceptional sturdiness and durability to withstand unfavorable growing conditions. It also makes a lot of fruit, so you’ll be able to cultivate plenty to share!

Effects Of Purple Kush Autoflower Seeds

Purple Kush provides a welcome reprieve, and nothing goes wrong while it’s around. One puff offers a blissful blast of body and mind delight, perfect for spicing up a stressed-out mood, and is ideal for capping off the night. The euphoric state can last all night, but it appears to envelop the head in a dreamy haze instead of sharpening attention. Those that need a break from overthinking can consume this bud to clear their heads, rendering unwinding a breeze while basking in the calming effects.

A calming feeling soon envelops the entire body from head to foot, acting as the high’s pièce de résistance. It massages away remaining tensions, leaving you feeling completely relaxed and ready for a good night’s sleep.

Medical Uses Of Purple Kush Autoflower

A couple of puffs of this strain will help you relax. The uplifting high will help raise and heal those who are tired, and the stimulating boost can help to melt away depression. This bud also has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help people who are in pain. Purple Kush is ideal for those who regularly suffer from aches and pains and those who have arthritis or joint pain.

Taste And Aroma Of Purple Kush Autoflower

Purple Kush Autoflower has purple and bright green flower colors, as well as a delicious taste. Its leaves turn purple since it reacts to a low temperature that its Afghani parent has passed down to it. This strain has a woody scent that develops into sweet grapefruity flavors. This variety’s flavor is also exceptional.

Growing Purple Kush Autoflower  Seeds

In a warm climate, this lovely purple cannabis plant will flourish. For Indica species, short, robust, and proper plant care should be given. When grown outdoors, Purple Kush Seeds AutoFlower can reach a height of 130 centimeters. This marijuana plant does not require changing light cycles to bloom, but it does sufficient direct sunlight. The flowering period lasts approximately 8 to 9 weeks. Indoor yields reach 100gper square meter, while outdoor yields range between 100g-150g per plant.

Purple Kush Autoflowering Specifications

Type: Autoflowering (80% Indica 10% Sativa 10% Ruderalis)
Genetic Parents: Hindu Kush x Purple Afghani
Flowering Period: 8 weeks
Climate: Dry outdoor climate
Yield: 15 oz/m2(indoor) and 9 oz/plant (outdoor)
Flavors: skunk, earth, pine, sweet, berry, sandalwood
THC Level: 15% – 28%
CBD Level: 0.10%
Height: 78 inches
Photo Period: Auto-Flowering
Harvest Period: Mid to late September
Growing Difficulty: Easy