Blue Dream 5 Pack


Blue Dream is Sativa-leaning marijuana that crosses two well-known classic strains, Haze strain, and Blueberry strain. Some consumers also experience a penetration of a gentle buzz, long-lasting cerebral high, and sky-rocketing energy level and that most consumers enjoy. It also has tropical, berry, sweet flavors with hints of earthy and vanilla flavors that last for a very long time. Simultaneously, the smoke smells like many blueberries, and sweet fills the whole room with this fragrance.

Blue Dream fem is also quickly Identified for its CBD level since it gives marijuana consumers reaping health benefits since it can treat various illnesses. It also contains high THC content that is suitable for recreational and medical use. It has beautiful elongated nugs that are pretty bushy and has dark bluish hues covered with amber hair-like structure with many crystal white resins.  In just nine weeks, anticipate a harvest of 300-400 grams of fresh weed. If you are searching for top-grade seeds to grow, Sunwest genetics offers a wide variety of seeds, then add it to your cart now!

The Blue Dream feminized is considered a superstar in most marijuana communities since its effects hold its reputation. This marijuana strain is ideal for daylight pair since it offers an uplifting feeling and is not too overwhelming.

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Blue Dream weed is also named the Azure Haze weed. It is a Sativa-leaning strain that contains delectable flavors, dreamy effects, and potent cerebral buzz but swiftly delivers total body relaxation. It is gentle to an intense energetic cerebral high of its parent’s genetics for a serene and different encounter of euphoria. Blue dream is suitable for daytime use to treat numerous mental health issues, namely, depression, anxiety, body pain, and many more medical benefits.

Origin Of Blue Dream

Blue Dream originated from California, USA, and was identified for its substantial medical effects since its multiple products are known for various conditions. Besides, it is also a favorite of most smokers for its tasty blueberry and sweet flavors that remains on the senses for a while, making this a delicious dose of imaginative medicine,

Effects Of Blue Dream

Blue Dreams strain is also called ‘Chill Pills’ that most veteran weed users have already known and admire. Users who have tasted this bud will feel a soft feeling of calmness and euphoric sensation. Some beginners won’t have too many problems smoke

even though it’s their first time smoking this weed since it is a great weed to smoke during the day. Blue dream uplifts the mind with a weak cerebral spark and has excellent vibes that encourage users to maintain the sense to be the focus and creativity.

Medical Uses Of Blue Dream

Blue Dream marijuana has a significant contribution in the medical field since its properties and effects are beneficial to those who suffer severe pains. It has the most satisfactory medical potency that can eradicate the pest. Many marijuana specialists advise patients to use Blue Dream as a medication for controlling pains and aches. Consumers can use its traits to deteriorate and remove symptoms related to headaches, inflammation, migraines, and pre-menstrual cramps.

Taste And Aroma Of Blue Dream

Blue Dream Marijuana is mainly packed with blueberry fragrance since it acquired it from its genetics. It is a strain that brings a fruity scent that will smell a robust, delicious aroma when inhaled. It dominantly smells fresh blueberries, and most users notice that they are allured and captivated by its nugs. Some users describe that it has a blend of sweet mango and hints of vanilla traces. There is also a bit of spiciness to the throat while smoking it. Meanwhile, its flavors are very delectable since its scent is similar to its smell. But most users encounter an intense sweetness of berries that swirls around the palate with tones of herbal flavors.

Growing Blue Dream

The Blue Dream weed strain is an easy to cultivate weed since it is suitable for outdoor and indoor setup. It flourishes well and grows pretty tall that it requires regular trimming for growers. Preparation and maintenance are essential since it is susceptible to molds, pathogens, and mildews. Moreover, When the Blue dream plant is grown indoors, it is invulnerable to specific problems growing weed strains. Growers should perform a practice proper cultivation process to likely achieve successful yields.

Blue Dream Feminized Strain Specifications

Genetics Parents: Blueberry x Haze
Flowering Period: 9 weeks
Climate: Temperate / Sunny
Yield: 300-400G/M² indoor / 700G per plant outdoor
Flavors: Berry, Tropical, Sweet, Vanilla, Earthy
THC Level: 19%
CBD Level: 2%
Height: 150CM
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Moderate