Princess Haze XX Fem(9-Pack)


Princess Haze XX is the all female form of Princess Haze. The parents of Princess Haze XX come from our most prized breeding stock. We wanted to make a 100% female seed line that reproduces the classic Princess Haze in every way, so we pollinated our favorite Cinderella 99 female known for outrageous resin production with female pollen from our favorite Princess Haze. The result is just as we hoped – a densely budded strain with great yield and super potency.

The resin production is amazing – giving the flowers and bud leaves a furry white covering. Their delicious aromas range from sweet tropical flowers to acrid, funky stinkers and the potency of either phenotype is just phenomenal; the high comes on immediately with your first hit; a very spiritual glow and tingling sensation with each breath you take.

Princess Haze XX has a range of 22% – 27% THC.

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