Apollo XX Fem (9-Pack)


Apollo XX is the female version of the Apollo Eleven strain. Using Silver Thiosulfate, we induced our favorite Cinderella 99 female (famous for resin production and classic flavor) to be the pollen donor for our big-yielding, lime-citrus scented female clone named “Genius” due to her clear, energetic, thought-provoking high to create this 100% female version of Apollo Eleven.

Apollo XX is a fast-flowering hybrid with a high calyx/leaf ratio & extreme resin production. The trichomes cover the flowers and leaves so densely it looks like baby seal fur.

Expect very little variation in the phenotypes with Apollo XX. They are all compact, bushy plants with multitudes of dense, extremely resinous bud sites – perfect for SCROG as well as SOG style growing. The smoke has a sweet, tropical fruit flavor. The high is strong, upbeat, psychoactive and happy.

Apollo XX THC ranges from 22% – 30%.

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