Platinum Cookies 5 Pack


Platinum Cookies feminized is an indica-dominant hybrid strain and the crossbreed of the Durban Poison and the OG Kush. The effects of this strain are like classic GCS. It has an uplifting and soothing effect. At 8 to 10 weeks, these Platinum Cookies seeds mature and grow very rapidly.  This marijuana is significantly quicker than normal, for a powerful strain. For several phenotypes displaying beautiful purple colors, the flowers are herb to olive green. This is particularly valid in the flush stage during the last round of the flowering stage. The smoke has a heavy buttery mouthfeel and the flavor is dank, piney, and sweet, but with an extra dose of fruit berry, like its a parent OG kush.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Platinum Cookies Feminized

The delightful fragrance of Platinum Cookies is evident as early as the pre-flowers emerge on this crop, mixing sweet fruity, berry tones with such an earthy taste and spice kick which makes these strains ideal for creating edibles. While more and Indica hybrid, with a rush of euphoria, Platinum Cookies Fem’s high starts in the brain. Moments after, an uplifting vibration will accompany this, clearing the mind and creating a sensation of pleasure that is beneficial to imaginative thought and increased concentration.

Throughout the initial stages of the effect you’ll feel refreshed and dazzled, allowing this a perfect time to get on with chores and finish off your tasks for the day – and no doubts about everything, the energy will not last long. In 30 mins from your first encounter, the Indica effects of Platinum Cookies start to kick in, spinning a web of soft, relaxing vibrations around your body to melt muscle spasms and calm you from the head – to – toe completely.

How to Grow Platinum Cookies Feminized

The growth characteristics of Platinum Cookies Feminized are certainly very much like an Indica, she is tiny and lightweight, making her easy to handle in an indoor greenhouse or tent. She’s still pretty hassle-free to treat right from the start because the odds of males are minimal because of her feminized seeds. We would suggest growing this crop inside a Sea of Green environment, along with a 600-watt HPS growth lamp, to optimize your production.