Phantom Cookies 5 Pack


Phantom Cookies Strain is a photoperiod marijuana strain developed by Grand Daddy Purple from a cross-bred of GDP and Cherry Pie Genetics. It has dark green and purple speckles that give it an appealing look. Phantom Cookies allows for innovative thinking, brainstorming, and contemplation. With the hybrid in your system, you could think of new ideas you never thought of before. Everything sounds like the best idea at first. The Phantom Cookies thought process is powerful, optimistic, and unpredictable. It is hard to concentrate on a single thought for a long time. Phantom Cookie is best for more imaginative ventures, including writing a novel. Learn more about GDP feminized seeds. Its potency is mainly sativa at 65% and indica at 35%. A strain of beans can grow indoors at 15 cm and outdoors at 20 cm. The level of THC is very high and the level of CBD is very low. Seeds will germinate in early October for 8 to 9 weeks. Phantoms give you a cookie dough-like feel with a mellow high and leave you laughing the whole way.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Phantom Cookies Feminized Cannabis Seeds

It smells like a mix of berries and grapes in an earthy and roasted taste.

The buds have a soft, fruity fragrance and are liberally coated with glitter. Flavors include chocolate and vanilla. THC levels are at 21% with 1% CBD. As an indica, the initial physical impact is euphoric and joyful. It progresses into an uplifting, euphorically happy state full of energy and inspiration with full-focus at its core.

How to Grow Phantom Cookies Feminized Marijuana Strain

This plant is a simply stunning one that develops a beautiful purple fluorescence. It is between 130-150 cm. tall and grows indoors in 8-9 weeks to produce 550 grams per square meter. Harvest is in the first half of October and yield is about 650 grams per plant.

When matured, Phantom Cookies plants stand out according to their bright colors and large buds. Some plants may have these shades, as well as tiny hairs. The flowers of the plant have exquisite trichomes. When smoking, expect to cough a little bit at the beginning. It produces dense and harsh smoke.