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Panama Feminized is considered one of the most common and powerful marijuana plants with higher seed yields. This will grow big, lovely, dense buds packed with trichomes. This also transforms into a red and pink color during the flowering season. Acknowledged to be 100% Sativa, this Marijuana seed requires between ten to eleven weeks to bloom indoors. It’s often developed for its vegetative vitality and tremendous potency. This better displays pinkish pistils in the flowering season. The features of the Panama female seed are also related to a Columbia Punto Rojo as well as Panama Red.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Panama Feminized Strain

The taste ideally enhances the mouth-watering aroma of the strain. It’s a delight for the mouth that carries a delicious mix of flavors with popular spice and herbal notes and hints of citrus. In only one or two puffs, it takes the mind to overdrive until a burst of euphoria and a spike of imagination reaches in. Best characterized as fast, extreme and psychedelic, the heavyweight will soon place you in a trance-like height.

Great for midday usage and the perfect pairing to social events, this herb will hold pot smokers happy and joyful for several hours. Some individuals want to be interested in musical or imaginative activities. The buzzing is highly calming to the extent that the colors become extra bright, and the noises tend to be intensified. While Sativa is very well established as an upper strain, it is not a good option for before work use. A dreamy experience renders it nearly difficult to concentrate on activities.

How to Grow Panama Feminized Strain

The ability to grow Panama Feminized is not for the novice. It requires an indoor and an outdoor sunny and warm environment. In about 10-12 weeks, Panama may bloom. This will develop up to 180 cm, very high for indoor development. It is necessary to have 18% THC content and 0.3% CBD level. Ripe buds can scent wonderful citrus, pepper, sweet, and vanilla. And then as long as its growth needs are met, you can get as much as 350-450 grams of each plant, and probably more when grown outdoors.