Original Cheese 5 Pack


Original Cheese is a heavy-hitter that creates high amounts of resin. It has a classic flavor that’s common in Cheese, pungent, and very tasty. It has a balanced and cerebral buzz that can flower faster in just 8 to 9 weeks with moderate THC. It can produce more yields even with very little effort.Expect only from it a balanced and cerebral buzz. Its softening effect in the body makes it more divine. It takes up about eight to ten weeks for it to finally bloom into a flower. Its THC level, which you need to know prior to growing it, is between 15 to 18 percent. It comes with its fruity aromas and strong and vintage cheddar flavor.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Original Cheese Feminized Strain

A combusted Original Cheese Fem bud burns with thick, harsh smoke or vapor. As you’d expect, it shares a strong note of cheese with a hint of earthy taste that is reminiscent of freshly plowed soil. While it doesn’t sound appetizing, many find this strain delicious. Right after the first drag, you’ll feel your mind zoning out into a daydream-like state. As you float along on the euphoric stream of consciousness, creative ideas will come flooding in. As well as providing a useful boost for tasks that require deep concentration, the uplifting effect of this strain may also keep worries at a comfortable distance.

Soon, you’ll feel a limb-softening sensation that signals the start of some intimate couch time. Every part of the anatomy will feel light and tension-free, and physical activity will become more difficult. You’ll likely experience intense hunger, known as the munchies, but you won’t feel inclined to whip up a snack. It’s a good idea to prepare food in advance. This is a potent bud that must be approached with proper caution. It punches hard in large doses, and cottonmouth and dry, red eyes are to be expected. To get the best experience, have 2 to 3 hits with a couple of minutes gap in between, and enjoy the ride. Going in for more can cause lightheadedness, headache, or, even worse, paranoia.

How to Grow Original Cheese Feminized Strain

The natural sturdiness and resilience against pests of Original Cheese Fem mean cultivators won’t have to deal with much concern as the plant matures. It flourishes well in soil and soilless medium, but most of its fans prefer hydroponic systems for easier nutrient management and vigorous growth. The plant also doesn’t have specific or distinct feeding requirements, so just make sure to follow the feeding chart from the manufacturer.

When provided enough light, space, a huge pot, and a high-quality organic mix, Original Cheese Fem can reach up to 200cm tall. Growing this strain may require height-reducing training techniques to keep it at a manageable size, especially if you have an indoor setup. Proper pruning is also crucial as the plan grows quite bushy.As the Original Cheese Fem’s flowers mature, supports may be needed, or the buds’ sheer weight might break the branches. Both the stretch and risk of limb damage can be addressed by the Screen of Green (ScrOG) method. It exposes the branches and their nodes to more light as well, thereby increasing bud production.