Oregon Underdawg 5 Pack


Oregon Underdawg is a strain with heavy high and strong couch-lock effects. Take this strain moderately for a quick energy boost, euphoria, and mental focus. You will fall in love with its sweet, earthy, and herbal flavors that will remain in your senses longer. And of course, it’s easy to grow as long as you prune it regularly. A potent pot of Indica dominance and illustrious heritage, Oregon Underdawg Feminized combines the legends that are Oregon Afghani, OG Kush, and Sour Diesel for a cannabis experience that’s well-balanced, sublime, and sure to please recreational tokers, medicinal consumers, and cultivators equally.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Oregon Underdawg Feminized Marijuana Strain

Veteran smokers and those with a palate preference for classic, herbal, and earth flavors in their pot will love Oregon Underdawg Fem for her subtle sweet taste and aroma reminiscent of top-notch Kush strains.

Consumption – smoking or vaping – quickly give a burst of energy that jolts the mind and body into action. It enhances focus and productivity – thus, allowing one to zero in on the tasks at hand. Worries and melancholy also vanish instantly as the mind gets filled with intense euphoria. Such uplifting effects also melt away social inhibition and make a social butterfly out of even the most introverted person in the room.

A few moments after dosing, expect a calming sensation to creep in. With as much as 25% THC in its composition, the effects are far from mellow. On the contrary, it exerts a wave of body-numbing relaxation that instantly soothes tired muscles – effectively easing stress and fatigue. Before taking a whiff, ensure that there is nothing important planned for the day. Otherwise, it inevitably gets postponed as the relaxing vibes inspire lethargy and a hazy state of mind.

How to Grow Oregon Underdawg Feminized

Cultivating Oregon Underdawg is relatively easy – thanks to the inherently hardy genes inherited from Oregon Afghani. It thrives in almost any environment and is quite lenient towards slight missteps – hence, making it an ideal introductory strain.

This almost even-split hybrid features a mix of Sativa and Indica traits. It grows to a medium height of 90cm tall, thereby making it manageable in an indoor grow room. This hybrid has moderately spaced internodes – not too dense, but also not too sparse. As such, it does not need as much manicuring as compact plants do. Nonetheless, pruning it whenever necessary is beneficial in improving air circulation and light penetration in the lower branches. Not only does this prevent mold proliferation, but it also boosts plant productivity.

A hydroponics setup is ideal for expediting the development process. Couple this with the use of HID grow lamps for 18-20 hours a day, and the plants will be up for explosive growth. When provided with adequate care and sustenance, each square meter could yield up to 450 grams of incredibly resinous buds after 8 to 9 weeks of flowering. Outdoors, Oregon Underdawg thrives best in warm, sunny areas mimicking the Mediterranean climate. Should the environmental requirements be met, then each plant can yield 500 grams of massive colas.