Orange Bud 5 Pack


Orange Bud fem is a part of an original and one of the best skunk forms we’ve seen yet. Throughout the early 80s, Orange Bud was selected from outstanding Skunk genetics, an exceptionally productive and very stable variety that grows with every growing season well outside or indoors. New growers can also find Orange Bud easy to cultivate, yielding gracious levels of crystal-coated thick, hard bud and reddish-orange hair. It is a beneficial, productive pot with 90 percent Sativa genetics, suitable for large smokers who like to continue to stay enthusiastic. A marijuana hybrid of two separate Original Skunks, this same grower is still yet to declare the specifics of the genetic makeup. However, what is certain is that it was an Indica-dominant strain that offered peace to an elevated, peaceful body. It’s perfect for smokers who choose to be healthy while also feeling head-high, pleasant positive to perform non-vigorous stuff.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Orange Bud Feminized Marijuana Strain

The Orange Bud doesn’t smell as you thought it would. It has a rich flower and lemon textures, spice and cinnamon touches, and, of course, a strong orange aroma. Orange Bud still has such a kick thanks to its 15-20% THC content level. It generates a modest effect if taken with moderation, which grows slowly with time. It soon follows a feeling of euphoria and an uptick in creative thinking, and you will continue to feel much more positive and socially skilled than usual.

You’ll start feeling more lively and excited when the journey starts, and this will last for an hour. The Indica part of the strain will start raising its surface at this same moment to take over a state of ease. At low doses, certain individuals may experience couch-lock. You sound slow and invulnerable as you call for more than just a cigar or two. But it’s not that bad, since the true condition of a relaxed state is unbelievably nice. Dependent on individual tolerance, certain people quickly fall asleep, while others sit lost in their heads.

How to Grow Orange Bud Feminized Marijuana Strain

The Orange Bud, usually about 3-4 feet, does not grow very tall. Indoors and outdoors will thrive, but most farmers prefer the former. The use of hydroponics even on a SOG method can increase yields if built indoors, and it is also beneficial to hold the plant under 600 watts lights. It only takes 8 to 9 weeks for a fast flowering to mature fully.

It flourishes outside in a tropical atmosphere. It embraces the Mediterranean climate and likes to relish the tropics. It can even develop in northern areas, being such a robust Indica strain, but you’ll have to harvest by end of October. This ensures that temperature drops don’t impact the crop. You’re going to get 14 oz of hands for each plant if everything goes well.