OG Wedding Cake 5 Pack


OG Wedding Feminized cannabis strain is slightly Sativa-dominant and is a great treat for all types of pain. This cannabis strain is the offspring of OG Kush and Wedding Cake.OG Wedding cannabis strain is difficult to grow because it is sensitive to changing lights and nutrients levels. This cannabis strain has a high THC level that reaches up to 20%.OG Wedding cannabis strain features an earthy green, yellow-green, sugar leaf pistil, and faded water leaves. These buds are coated with heavy trichomes that give this strain an incredibly high sticky structure. This Sativa-dominant cannabis strain produces robust energy and mental focus that is very appealing to the users.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of OG Wedding Feminized Cannabis Seeds

This OG Wedding cannabis strain’s aroma is mostly sour citrus and tangy that immediately hits your taste buds with creamy musk. After taking this cannabis strain, expect the cerebral and euphoria effect. OG Wedding is considered the topmost uplifting strain, as it provides the users a warmth and heaviness that spreads immediately throughout their body. Even in the midst of sedation, it allows the user to feel relaxed in its surroundings.

How to Grow OG Wedding Feminized Cannabis Seeds

OG Wedding Feminized cannabis strain grows well in a warm and temperate climate. Indoors is mostly the suitable environment for this marijuana strain but keeps its climate-controlled. If you are planning to grow, this outdoor make sure to have good weather conditions. It is preferably to have an average temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit. This cannabis strain flowering time will take 8-9 weeks if cultivated properly.