OG Kush Fast Version 5 Pack


Get fine yields fast with the OG Kush fast version strain. This is a quick version of this legendary cannabis strain, and thus, you can harvest quickly than the regular OG Kush strain. It has a very strong indica lineage, and this strain is very potent and relaxing. It’s ideal for pain, strain, and anxiety.

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More About OG Kush Fast Version 

OG Kush is one of the best, legendary strains in history. Its fast version is like the original OG Kush, except for its superb flowering time. The strain got its remarkable characteristics from Headband, Girl Scout Cookies, and Bubba Kush.

Featuring an extraordinary terpene profile, OG Kush Fast Version aims to be the best. One of the best things you will love about this strain its generous trichome production, as shown by the dense crystalline coatings on the buds.

Unlike the authentic OG Kush, this fast version has a stronger Indica side instead. Hence, every seed grows into a small plant with more lateral branches. Usually, the OG Kush Fast Version is only 100 centimeters tall, making it ideal for growing indoors. You can also grow it outdoors if you want.

The original OG Kush is commonly available in feminized version, but you can also get it in this newest version. OG Kush Fast Version comes with two major benefits. First, it has a shorter flowering time at around 2 weeks. Despite its shorter flowering process, the seeds do not sacrifice the overall quality of the buds. Don’t waste your time. Get some seeds of OG Kush Fast Version to start reaping its special offerings in no time.