Nuken 5 Pack


A Canadian grown strain with an Indica-dominant ratio is Nuken Feminized Cannabis Strains. This marijuana strain is an offspring of Deity Bud and Shishkaberry. Nuken Feminized strain has a high THC content that reaches 13-25%, making its bud very strong. This marijuana strain has heavy and round buds with furry light green colour. Nuken Feminized large olive-coloured with orange hair makes this strain stand out. Each marijuana strain bud is coated with silver crystal trichomes with a drip of sticky resin.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Nuken Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

Nuken Feminized Cannabis strain is renowned for its unique aroma of a sweet marshmallow combined with a skunk and an earthy undertone. The creamy marshmallow aroma is so tempting that one can be reminded of roasted marshmallows with strong pine and skunk taste until inhaled.

Nuken Feminized Cannabis strain is best in terms of high effects. When taken this marijuana strain, the emotional relaxation suddenly uplifts the user’s mood. Users still suddenly feel energized and able to handle something thrown at them. Most users’ common effect is this outgoing high, but some users appear to feel a different high while taking in this strain.

How to Grow Nuken Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Nuken Feminized Cannabis strain can grow both outdoor and indoor, but it is not the type of cannabis strain that is easy to cultivate. If this marijuana strain is properly germinated, it is very susceptible to moulds and mildew in later development. This marijuana strain is insensitive to humidity, so growers with cannabis growing expertise are advised to cultivate this strain.

Indoor growing will do well, as the cultivators have the advantage of monitoring and adjusting the climate needed for this Nuken Feminized strain to grow. Cultivators must install more ventilation fans and oscillating fans to ensure no excess water is left in the air. This will produce healthy buds. Nuken Feminized strain flowering time will take 7-8 weeks with a yield of 16 ounces per squire meter.

Growing Nuken Feminized strain outdoors is challenging, and only a few modifications can aid this plant growth. Be sure that you live in an environment with a sunny and cool climate as the plant needed to grow. If properly grown, its flowering time will 7-8 weeks with an average yield of 24 ounces.