Northern Critical 5 Pack


Northern Critical is the result of Northern Lights and the Critical. This Indica-dominant combination comprising as much as 19 percent THC should not be overlooked. This herb will delight your taste buds before you even heat up, producing aromas of wet and muscular earth with zesty notes. But combusting this pot is the ideal reprieve from life’s everyday stressors, quickly and hard-hitting enough just to shake you into a pleasant psychoactive position before you’ve had space in your chair to get relaxed.It provides a hard-hitting euphoric buzz right after intake, which gradually transforms into a relaxed state accompanied by a dreamy glow. For recreational and medicinal use, other good results make it suitable. Moreover, in the growth space, this strain also performs admirably. Cultivating and producing generous yields composed of colossal, coated trichome buds is simple.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Northern Critical Feminized

When charred, the pungent hop and fruity blast escalate, offset by spice and sugar. The fun tangy flavor is full-bodied and therefore can stick around long after the getting high session.

Northern Critical will be on hand to offer lengthy relaxation: to a couple of doses, the tough psychoactive characteristics trigger a feeling of ecstasy and euphoria that will hold you satisfied for an hour. These exciting results help you dump any concerns that stress your mind, keep you feeling lighter, chilled-out, and full of positive. Kick-in the Indica impact does not take long too. Only a few minutes after the first puff, a wet, relaxed sensation stretches across the body from peaks through to the spine.

How to Grow Northern Critical Feminized

Northern Critical strain has an average-sized specimen with generous lateral branching, making it easier to handle indoors, ideally adapted to the Green Screen technique. Mold and pathogen attacks are very robust, but it needs pruning now and then.

Given proper treatment and sustenance, the buds can grow gigantic and thick, so you’ll need to install help. After about 7 to 8 weeks of bloom, plan to harvest up to 1.8 oz of colas per sq m. The crop yields better when developed outdoors in a mild, dry, Mediterranean-type environment. It flourishes well when subjected to lots of sunshine, and that each plant will yield 31oz of resin-encrusted buds by October’s first week.