MK Ultra 5 Pack


MK Ultra Feminized Seeds is an uncommon Indica strain named just after notorious 1950s CIA propaganda trials. MK-parents ultras are G-13 and OG Kush. MK-Ultra rises thin and straight and capped. The strongest effects can be obtained in an 18-20-square-meter SOG environment. Plants expand to 100-120cm tall and also can produce an estimated yield of 350g/m2. This largely Indica marijuana strain’s smoked marijuana produces an instant, almost hypnotic rush, followed by a quick, body-stimulating boost. Marijuana has a fresh earthy, pine aroma and a heavy scent.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of MK Ultra Feminized Strain

MK Ultra samples as good as it feels. The diverse taste profile makes smoke fascinating. initially, the first inhalation strengthens the earthy pungent smell, then covers the tongue with creamy, sweet, and woody. The exhale will leave woody, sun-soaked pine.

MK Ultra’s a solid, hard hitter. This rich smoking easily takes the user to a strong mesmerizing cognitive. It has a high THC level unless used in balance, would drop even the seasoned smoker on their ass. The high effect is a good mix of calm and happiness, with the signature Sativa euphoria boosting. Anticipate lazing off the day, smiling ear to ear, or breaking in occasional laughter fits. The true happiness combined with the stressing, dissolving, joyful high renders this a perfect strain to finish a frustrating day or as a lead to long, falling asleep.

How to Grow MK Ultra Feminized Strain

MK Ultra female strain seeds are preferred by both farmers and users. Novice and veteran growers see tremendous potential as this easy-to-grow strain is mainly self-care. These babies do not require too much care, are immune to molds and fungus, and yield excellently. The stocky branches with large, squeezed fan leaves, sticky,  thick, and pungent flowers. Buying feminized means you wind up with all-female herbs, the manufacturers of quality nugs used to burn, consume and convert into creams and salves. These buds are heavily resin-coated, making it a good extracting method. Great for every degree of skill, indoors or outdoors, this strain will generate excellent flowers.