Maui Sunset 5 Pack


Maui Sunset feminized strain is a 70/30 Sativa/Indica combination with such a THC of 20%.  This strain could relieve depression and anxiety.   The flavor profile also included tropical tones. Ideal for daytime application. Relative to Hawaiian Sativa varieties, Maui has a tropical reputation. For this simple Sativa, musky overtones are complemented by fruity flavor and floral scent. Maui continues to be head high, delivering a sluggish cortical feeling that has become more noticeable throughout the period. Maui Sunset fem marijuana strain’s genetic roots are Hawaiian Sativa x Mendocino Hybrid.  The high Maui Sunset weed strain is very cerebral-centered and perfect to bring you throughout the day. Using it at night, expect to be up for a bit.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Maui Sunset Feminized

The strain comes with a good scent of its flavor. Even better, the Hawaiian Sativa’s presence is noticeable with the pineapple flavor added in, rendering it quite tasty. It offers consumers an uplifting feeling and energy boost. With consumers feeling alive and eager for motion, the subtle emotional buzz produces a warm sense of pleasure.

Some individuals can even experience euphoria. If the consumer is with someone, so expect Maui Sunset Fem to make the person talkative.  It’s considered to be a perfect division, the results say it’s on the Sativa line. However, the soft body stimulation that follows a mental high offers a calming sensation. During that point, several people are feeling sluggish.

How to Grow Maui Sunset Feminized

Cultivating Maui sunset feminized is unlike other weed strains. It grows indoors, but growers need sufficient space. Since it grows up to 8 ft tall, a greenhouse is the best environment. Outdoors, the plant survives well here. This requires longer to mature, but once it does, it can provide producers with good production.

One final thing developing Maui Sunset Feminized might not be fast. It’s easier to nurture seasoned growers as well. Outdoor, it rises under a lot of sunshine due to the open room. Indoor, different case. Since room may be a problem, certain training approaches suit the plant well.