Matanuska Tundra 5 Pack


The Matanuska Tundra Feminized is a well-balanced hybrid strain with a high THC level of 19% that offers euphoric, happy, and uplifting effects; it also enhances the users’ creativity and concentration. This marijuana strain is also a fantastic medical marijuana strain that can treat depression, anxiety, migraines, and loss of appetite. This marijuana plant thrives indoors and outdoors, developing into a medium-sized plant that could generate high yields. The buds of this Matanuska Tundra feminized strain also taste delicious with its sweet, chocolate, earthy, floral and woody flavors.

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What are the Flavors and Effects of Matanuska Tundra Feminized?

Matanuska Tundra’s feminized strain contains floral, sweet, chocolate, and earthy flavors, which is evident on the first hit of this marijuana strain. The effects of this Matanuska Tundra feminized strain begin with a rush of euphoric and uplifting high that could take the tensions on your body. It is also an excellent marijuana strain to consume in the morning or the afternoon because it can make the users feel inspired and motivated to do a task. After a moment, a smooth, soothing sensation will spread throughout your entire body, making you feel so relaxed that it leads to a couchlock state.

How to Grow Matanuska Tundra Feminized?

Matanuska Tundra highlights Indica’s best-loved attributes: tiny stature, huge resin development, and big, thick buds. Plants don’t get any larger than 2.5 feet and are also much narrower. They grow large colas covered in frosty white crystals, boasting various side branches between dense palm-shaped leaves. Rising indoor mysterious beauty is most productive in a Green Sea setup. Keep RH between 40 and 50% to avoid moisture accumulation, and preserve a cool atmosphere with temperatures about 70 to 80°F. Combining ideal conditions with an effective growing process, around 350-375 g/m2  would be ready for harvest at the completion of flowering.

Matanuska Tundra can also be grown outdoors in a warm, sunny environment and long season. While its Indica genetics enable it to survive in less-than-ideal conditions, a maximum yield of up to 1400-500 gr/plant is only achievable in ideal and reliable settings. Harvesting in the northern hemisphere is anticipated in late-October.