Magnum Autoflower 5 Pack


Consider Magnum Autoflower if you need a strain with high yields, impressive flavors, and a classic high. Despite its automatic qualities, this strain can still provide excellent yields. It can give you powerful stimulating effects that you can use to deal with pain, stress, anxiety, depression, and other medical conditions.

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More About Magnum Autoflower

Bred to Be The Strongest Autoflowering Strain

Magnum Autoflower is an autoflowering cannabis strain that will give you high yields, amazing flavors, and a classic sativa high. This strain was created out of the goal of having an autoflowering strain with the strongest effects, and thus, the Magnum Autoflower was created.
While most autoflowering strains can only give you a very small amount of yield due to a small plant structure, the Magnum Autoflower can give you as much as 450 to 550 grams per square meter. This is as long as you follow its growing conditions very well.

Finally, Magnum Autoflower will finish at around 75 to 80 days, a lot longer than most auto strains, but this is to make sure that this strain remains flavorful, stimulating, and ready for harvest. Magnum Autoflower will grow buds with THC at 18 to 20%. The plants also stay short which is why these are perfect for stealth growing. You can easily hide several Magnum Autoflower plants in a small growing space indoors like a cabinet without anyone knowing it!

Magnum Autoflower is an auto strain and a feminized strain as well. Now you can enjoy faster flowering and easy cultivation plus the confidence to grow only female plants. With feminized seeds, you can protect your female garden from rouge males or hermaphrodites, which will only accidentally pollinate your plants. Magnum Autoflower feminized seeds gives you a chance to grow better and faster yields and even grow twice or thrice a year given the right growing conditions.