Leprechron 5 Pack


Considered a rare Indica-dominant hybrid strain, Leprechron Fem was created through an unknown combination of hybrids. Even with the lack of information about its history and lineage, this strain has been a favorite of both cultivators and patients alike. Thanks to its sturdy and efficient breeding habits, this plant will definitely be a great addition to your marijuana growing collection. This cannabis has popcorn-shaped nugs with forest green colors and rich golden undertones, amber hairs, and crystal-coated and dusty trichomes. Not only does this strain have a beautiful appearance but it also delivers a super sedative high. With all the nice qualities and great effects this strain could offer, it is really a worthy strain to try.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Leprechron Fem?

The Leprechorn Fem strain is a flavorful and aromatic Indica bud. When it comes to its flavor, the strain has a sweet and spicy herbal taste with a slight touch of flowery notes. As for its aroma, the floral fragrance is evident on the exhale. Moreover, its earthy flavors are combined perfectly with sweet herbs and quite spicy overtones.

With a 15-16% amount of THC levels, it provides an intense high that is quite potent in its own right. It begins with a cerebral effect that hits the mind with an uplifting and euphoric high. Also, it is a social strain that makes users more talkative and sociable. After the mind experiences all that happiness and euphoria, the body high will take effect and gets the body into a very relaxing state. Then, it gets users into a super couch-locked situation due to its sedative effects.

How to Grow Leprechron Fem?

Growing Leprechron Fem is often recommended to novice growers who are looking for a low-maintenance plant. It is known for having a short flowering time which can have plants ready to harvest in just 8 weeks. This cannabis plant’s ability to produce an impressive yield in just a short period of time.

The hybrid can be cultivated indoors or outdoors. If grown indoors, it is best to keep them inside where there is complete control over the environment. Breeders can expect a medium-sized yield which is quite impressive given how fast Leprechron grows. Also, this sturdy plant can be topped and trained. Outdoors, it flourishes in a warm, sunny, or Mediterranean climate. The plants that are grown outside tend to grow taller and provide a higher return than those that are grown indoors. Harvests can be collected usually around early September.