Lemon OG 5 Pack


Lemon OG Feminized or Presidential Kush is the result of combining two mysterious strains, OG #18 and Las Vegas Lemon Skunk. This herbal hybrid strain obtains a 24% THC level that is potent enough just to create a giggly, mental state high. It provides substantial stress relief. It is ideal for marijuana cultivation, along with its genetic superiority.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Lemon OG Feminized Strain?

Lemon OG Feminized is a hybrid strain that has that tartness along with the sweet finish. Lemon OG Feminized high THC content could even produce strong psychoactive properties. This will kick start a euphoric Sativa sensation which can be surprising and keep you awake. You would then feel vibrant and optimistic right away, with very little appears to fit of chuckling and particular cheerfulness. The Indica element of the hybrid is sure to drive incorrectly after the Sativa one to take it easy on you. This will leave you feeling lethargic, and not place you into some kind of couch-lock. When using an alertness drug, you will feel drowsy, and be constantly alert, without lasting sleep. Most of its users report the impacts to wear off fast and only last a few hours. Given the side effect, this is still good to end the day with this. Please try to avoid working on machines and vehicles while partaking.

How to Grow Lemon OG Feminized Strain

Lemon OG Feminized is a small, compact cannabis plant growing to a height of 3 feet at most. These have bright orange shade pistils, and white trichomes all over. Growing hybrid strains is easy since they are short and compact. For newbie growers and those without much time, it is low-maintenance and high resistance to many molds, mildew, and pests which is why it is popular.