Lemon Diesel 5 Pack


Lemon Diesel Feminized is a hybrid strain with a 70/30 ratio of Indica/Sativa. Like many other strains from the Lemon family, Lemon Diesel Feminized causes similar effects that boost energy and freshen up the mind. The aroma of citrus is a natural mood booster, which is why many household products smell lemony. Lemon Diesel Feminized delivers a fresh and invigorating high that is both refreshing and invigorating. This cannabis strain can lead to highly creative, euphoric, and expansive experiences. You will feel a lighter mental state with greater socialization and chatter after having smoked. You will find yourself speaking that someone who you have never encountered once at a social gathering or party. Since Lemon Diesel Feminized can intensify your consciousness of your environment, and make you feel anxious and paranoid when overdone. When the THC content of this strain is diminished, it produces a more Indica-focused, deep relaxation effect. Lemon Diesel Feminized produces a couch-lock effect towards the end of the high along with other great plant genetics.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Lemon Diesel Feminized Strain?

When we talk about odor and taste, the name of the strain alone is the first and foremost indication of its identity. In fact, that is not a surprise at all, it’s really just plain tasty. When you first smell this, you will notice notes of sour lemon and a unique skunkiness on top. Breaking open marijuana buds will release a pungent scent that is loved by hardcore users. It has an undeniable and pungent smell that might take a while to get used to. Lemon Diesel is a true sleep machine with a buzzing buzz that requires a few moments to reach full vigor. The medicine begins with a deep tissue massage on the brain, leaving the patient feeling uplifted and euphoric. An increase in focus, energy, and creativity would be experienced, which will lead to a more state of bliss. After the cerebral journey, you will feel more positive and easygoing. At this moment in the experience, the Indica impacts would then start to show, becoming relaxing and making every nerve and muscle tingle. That is not the sort of ‘couch-lock’, it relaxes the body and yet activity can become very much felt welcome. The Lemon Diesel Feminized will actually make you more productive. Even though it’s uncommon for an Indica-dominant cannabis strain, the Sativa impact of this strain is prevalent. The productive high will eventually decline and also be substituted by a calm and relaxed sensation, and a craving for edibles. This is a great addition to your post-work coffee break, and it’s great with an afternoon coffee.  It gets you motivated so you can continue pursuing your passions and continue your interests. Some individuals enjoy drinking alcohol before attending parties and social activities. It is the perfect strain for introverts and therefore can bring out the very best in shy and timid religious figures.

How to Grow Lemon Diesel Feminized Strain

Lemon Diesel Feminized can survive outdoors and indoors environments and is resistant to different molds and pests. With a minimum of work, anyone can reap significant rewards through hard work. If properly handled, this can be transformed into a beautiful thing. The lime green shade colas are medium-sized and very dense with a white appearance from unexpected angles caused by the thick layer of glinting milky trichomes. Because as the plant develops, the pistils turn increasingly darker shades of amber. This delightful eye-candy thrives in a Sea of Green (SOG) setting coupled with appropriate light management and feeding, will probably push the best outcomes when grown indoors. If you nourish this strain as it blooms for 9 to 10 weeks, you could also expect to harvest around a pound of marijuana for every sq foot of the plant. Outdoors that’s where a plant really comes into its own. Lemon Diesel Feminized flourishes in a warm, sunny climate with such a reliable supply of water. In cold climates, you should collect no later than mid-October. With the proper lighting and sufficient space, every other plant produced around 17 ounces of tasty buds.