Killer Lemonade Fast Autoflower 5 Pack


Created as an autoflowering version, the Killer Lemonade Auto is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that is popularly recognized for its incredible punch of lemonade aroma and flavor. This Sativa was given a name after its flavor profile, which is incredibly lemon-scented and implicative of freshly squeezed lemons. It is said to be the product of crossbreeding Lemon OG and Gorilla Haze. Regarding its appearance, the herb grows heavy, dense, resinous, and aromatic buds with light orange hairs that combine harmoniously with the buds’ light green coloration. The Killer Lemonade Auto is regarded as an extremely potent cannabis plant with an autoflowering characteristic that growers find very appealing. Moreover, it contains 20% THC, making it a quite powerful cerebral strain. The Killer Lemonade Auto, with its unique flavors, potency levels, and effects, makes it an excellent choice for both experts and beginners in cannabis.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Killer Lemonade Auto?

As its name suggests, Killer Lemonade Auto tastes and smells just like freshly juiced lemons, exactly as users would imagine it would. The aroma is powerfully sour and lemony in nature with lots of bright citrus and refreshing earthy herbs. When grounded or chopped, each bud exudes sweet and lemon scents that become more prominent in every whiff. Its flavors are also very similar to its fragrance. The herb really tastes like lemonade, delivering slightly sweet and sour flavors of a mix of herbs. As for its aftertaste, it is notably sweet and lemon-tinged with intense sourness with some musky earth notes.

This Sativa herb is ideal for wake and bake sessions, as it tends to make its users feel energetic, active, focused, and motivated. Furthermore, the uplifting effects bring forth creativity and focus, improving energy levels and making tasks easier and more refreshing to do. Although the strain is mentally powerful and euphoric, it does provide some minor physical relaxation in the body that will not let users feel sluggish at all.

How to Grow Killer Lemonade Auto?

This autoflowering version of the Killer Lemonade is actually not that easy to cultivate and is not recommended for beginner growers. But it is a versatile strain that can be grown either indoors or outdoors, as long as the climate is warm and temperate. Thanks to its autoflowering quality, this plant can finish flowering between 7 and 8 weeks.

Cultivating this cannabis does need a lot more room since it’s a Sativa-dominant strain that tends to reach huge sizes. In order to keep its growth manageable, it requires a lot of trimming, topping and training early to produce better yields. It is also recommended to monitor this cannabis plant closely regarding humidity in order to avoid mold or mildew. It will then be ready for harvest at the end of September, producing yields of up to 400-600G.