Killer 5 Pack


Killer Feminized Strain, known as Skywalker OG, enters the prestigious cannabis list. In the marijuana industry, this cannabis strain is the same due to its powerful potency. Maybe the greatest weapon against the forces of darkness of daily life, it can devastate tension, exorcising from its regular consumers’ minds and bodies. Like several of the Star Wars strains, the origin of Killer Feminized strain can be traced back to legendary OG Kush, crossed in this instance with Skywalker’s powerful female genetics. It provides a burst of intense euphoria that melts you on the spot when used.  These feminized strains make sure that growers can save time and money by cultivating all-female crops with near-zero risk of a male creeping in and causing havoc.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Killer Feminized Strain?

The flavor profile of Killer Feminized strain can be characterized as damp, wet soil with such a blazing citrus wreath. A lemony sweetness mostly on the tail end helps make this abundant bud’s awakening aroma wonderful bedmates. Immediately alleviating any stress, depression,  anxiety, or unearthly weight, Killer Fem strain is offloading. The colas will grab you gradually and deeply so take it slowly. Turning a trivial day into an enjoyable, aggressive journey, Killer Fem strain will wipe you up and down, going to ring in a deep body stone. This nighttime strain will remove any nasty discomfort, ease consumers into bone-deep tranquility, perfect for sleeping.

How to Grow Killer Feminized Strain

Killer Fem strains produce thick, pinecone-shaped buds with such a dense resin layer, a big sign of their remarkable potency. And as they mature, amber pistils scattered over the flowers like wildfire, a breathtaking sight accompanied by shimmering trichomes toward purple scenery. The volume of buds could be directly linked to Indica-dominant genetic makeup that also provides a sturdy stem to the plant. It will need frequent pruning, as its branch composition could really inhibit air circulation and light around the soil level. Cutting off dead plant sections also enhances the distribution of nutrients. Nonetheless, Killer Fem remains a delicate plant. And because of this, growers may choose to use soil as a medium in a stable or hydroponics, manageable environment.  This cannabis strain can also be grown outdoors in a sunny location, and each plant can produce at least 28 ounces of buds in the northern hemisphere by October.