Kali Girl Autoflower 5 Pack


Another hybrid has been developed to let all weed enthusiasts indulge. Even though the genetic lineage of this weed variety has not been shown to the public, sativa lovers can’t resist the temptation to try it. Kali Girl is a sativa dominant autoflowering marijuana strain whose genetic parents are unknown. For a rising duration of 70 to 90 days, THC levels are likely to range from 15 to 26 percent. This strain is best used throughout the day, particularly first thing in the morning, since it gives you a wonderful rush of energy while still keeping a smile on your face. Kali Girl grows vigorously and quickly with bright green leaves. Buds are less elongated, but their structure is denser and more compact.

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What are the Flavors and Effects of Kali Girl Autoflowering Weed Strain?

The flavors vary according to various strains, whether sativa or indica; since we are talking about a sativa strain, Kali Girl weed strain has its own flavors that cannabis enthusiasts love; it has a sweet and pleasant taste, with a touch of haze.

Regarding the effects, Kali Girl auto marijuana can increase stamina throughout the day while you’re thoroughly occupied. She will take you into a euphoric high, which will improve your artistic abilities. This more sativa-dominant strain is not recommended for use at night.

How to Grow Kali Girl Autoflowering Seed?

Sativas are the most sought-after cannabis varieties. Autoflowering strain takes faster to bloom and produces fewer weed users appreciate the unique outcome. As a result, Kali Girl Auto seed is a sativa variety that marijuana growers should consider cultivating. This strain thrives in both environments indoors and outdoors, displaying increased boldness. Plants mature to a height of 60-90cm and produce 450g/m2 when grown under lights.