Jungle Juice Autoflower 5 Pack


The strain’s name alone implies a deliciously exotic drink that brings out almost all the tastes of the wild. And, surprisingly this strain does. The Jungle Juice Auto strain was created by combining two famous staples in the cannabis scene, which are the Tangie strain and Animal Cookies and some Ruderalis genetics that are added in the mix. With the combination of these strains, this auto variant brings out so many flavors and effects.  Considered a true hybrid offspring, the Jungle Juice Auto provides a citrus and floral aroma and flavor profile while giving users stimulating and energizing effects. Moreover, the THC levels ranging between 14-15% do not only produce impressive effects but also potent medicinal uses. This strain’s versatility provides enough potency for both recreational and medical users to enjoy. And another thing that marijuana users and growers love about the strain is its autoflowering quality. These are only some of the reasons why Jungle Juice Auto is a wild strain that is worthy to be added to one’s collection.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Jungle Juice Auto?

With the combination of its parents’ genetics, Jungle Juice Auto entices the senses with its amazing flavors and aromas. The powerful floral overtones are highlighted by citrus and earthy undertones with subtle but noticeable sourness. When the buds are smoked or burned, a fruity scent will definitely fill the room. On the other hand, the taste of this strain just tickles the palate with sweet and sour flavors of ripe citrus and floral notes that are similar to lavender. After the exhale, it leaves an earthy aftertaste that stays in the mouth for hours.

This hybrid strain is well-balanced and has a quick-acting onset starting with a cerebrally stimulating high that produces happy feelings. At the same time, it clears and relaxes the mind. Later on, it tapers into a deeply relaxing body buzz that envelops users in tranquility, relaxing the whole body and usually leads to couchlock. The soothing comedown makes users lazy which makes this strain best for chilling and nighttime use.

How to Grow Jungle Juice Auto?

The Jungle Juice Auto strain is relatively easy to grow and can be grown by novice growers. This cannabis plant exhibits traits from its Indica and Sativa lineage, growing tall and quite sturdy. Its autoflowering characteristic lets it finish flowering between only 8-10 weeks.

It can be grown indoors or out but it is more preferable to have it grown indoors. The plant should be topped early as it cramps a growing space with its height. Breeders may also choose between the Screen of Green or the Sea of Green method. Both of these techniques will help produce more colas for higher yields. Moreover, pruning or trimming the plant enhances overall light and air circulation which improves nutrient distribution. These practices enhance plant health and increase its resistance against disease-carrying pests. Moreover, this plant is tall and produces heavy, resin-covered buds so it must be grown with enough support on the stalk to keep it from bending. An accurate amount of fertilizer and nutrients should also be given to nurturing this cannabis plant. Under optimal growing conditions, growers can harvest yields of around 400G in October.